Kitchenware That Makes a Statement

ELYSIAN delves into Amazon’s digital pantry to find their top kitchenware items

Amazon is an enigma – you can order anything and everything, it seems, and it pops onto your doorstep in two days. It’s hard to resist yet oh-so easy to indulge.

With a multitude of kitchenware and cookware from Amazon, it’s always the perfect time to give your kitchen a makeover or a teeny-tiny facelift. From statement pieces like this Alessi corkscrew to functional kitchen gadgets like this blender that tracks your smoothie’s nutritional value, Amazon is sure to stock the perfect kitchen for any culinary artist.

By selecting the most elegant, handy or just plain nifty kitchenware items, ELYSIAN helped to jumpstart your journey to the perfect kitchen:

Professional Truffle Shaver

Taylor’s Eye Witness
Brooklyn 5-Piece Fan Design Knife Block

NutriBullet Balance
Bluetooth Enabled Smart Blender

Tom Dixon
Men’s Brew French Press

Mediterraneo Salad Set

A di Alessi
Anna G. Corkscrew

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