Slope Style

Whether you’re gonna spend the weekend going downhill fast (on skis) or running around town, ski wear will keep you tony and toasty.

Have you noticed how ski wear has infiltrated streetwear? There was a time when a Moncler parka was just for the slopes, but no more! Now you’re as likely to see a puffer on the streets of Chicago as on the lift at Gstaad. And streetwear has had a major influence on ski wear, as evidenced by all the tricked out parkas in camo prints or graffiti that we’ve been seeing in recent seasons.

We love ski wear because the silhouettes are designed to be comfortable and to allow for a full range of motion, while the fabrics offer high-performance sporting advantages such as moisture-wicking, insulation or waterproofing. Whether you’re a black diamond skier or an urban snow bunny, there are so many options for staying warm and keeping it cute.

The Ace

In every ski haus, there’s always one person who’s EXTRA. She’s so very enthusiastic, inevitably the first to hit the slopes each day, and loath to break for lunch. But you have to give it to her, she has impeccable technique, boundless energy, and there isn’t a mogul—or a mountain—that she can’t conquer.

Perfect Moment Allos Color-Blocked Ski Suit

As cheerful as it is warm and comfortable, there is something to be said for the simplicity of a one-piece.


Perfect Moment Superday Rainbow Down Ski Jacket

Pop this pretty rainbow parka on over the Allos suit, and you’re good to go.


Wildhorn Anti-fog Performance Ski Goggles

Foggy goggles or a face full of snow aren’t just annoying, they’re potentially hazardous when they detract from a skier’s visibility on the slopes. There’s a reason that competitive snowboarders and skiers alike are gaga for Wildhorn goggles. Wildhorn does anti-fog better than anyone.



The Rebel

Why wear bright, cheerful colors on the slopes? Everyone does that. You’re more comfortable barreling down the mountain in your Camo parka like a commando on a mission from God. Of course, in your case, the mission is to head to the lodge for a quick snack.

Canada Goose Camo Print Down Parka

It’s stuffed with goose down, so it’s really warm, and it’s camo, so that means it’s badass enough for you.


Columbia Place to Place Stretch Pants

The Place to Place pants look like just another cute pair of joggers, but they are actually made of Omni-shield, a proprietary fabric developed by the Columbia company to repel precipitation and wick sweat, especially for cold-weather athletes.


Burton Women’s Gore-Tex Glove

Rule 1 of the mountain: if you don’t have warm gloves on, you won’t even make it to lunch. Burton’s Gore Tex gloves will keep you swishing downhill from dawn to dusk.



Town & Country

She’s not someone who wants to wear head-to-toe skiwear. She’d rather choose a look that is as suitable for a stroll down Madison Avenue as it is for a tumble down Mount Killington. Miss Town and Country is always comfortable, warm and ready for anything.

Parajumper Fur-Trim Bomber

The cropped silhouette of a bomber is ideal for skiing and snowboarding because it doesn’t impede your lateral and radial movement. Plus all those pockets come in handy for your tissues, lozenges, chapstick and cell phone.


Columbia Sellwood II Pants

They’re comfy, stretchy and super warm, perfect for the slopes. And you might find yourself wearing these to the office on cold days.


Bloomingdale’s Grommet & Stud Leather Gloves

Leather is warm and durable and a few visits to the mountain will break them in beautifully and get the creases in all the right places.



The Snow Angel

While some people are afraid to wear white in the winter, the Snow Angel fears nothing, and somehow manages to keep her winter whites crisp and flawless all season long.

Alessandra Chamonix Mimi Parka

The fur collar is key for warmth—and for distinguishing the Snow Angel from the omnipresent peaks of powder.


North Face Insulated Ski Pants

Even if you’re inclined to lie down in the snow and make snow angels, these North Face ski pants will remain dry and warm.


Ugg Shearling-Trim Gloves

Kangaroos. Koalas. Cate Blanchett. How come everything awesome and adorable comes from Australia? And now Ugg took the cozy shearling from its boots and made it into high-tech touchscreen gloves. Go Aussies, go!



The Fashionista

She didn’t really come to the mountain to ski. She just wanted to walk around in her wild Moncler Genius getups and scare the crap out of all the snow bunnies.

Moncler Genius Down Jacket

Straight off the runway, by the Japanese designer Kei Ninomiya in partnership with Moncler, this down jacket is a masterwork of tailoring and design, and it’s also really, really toasty.


Moncler Genius Full Skirt

You probably won’t want to ski in this skirt, but you could.


Moncler Genius Criss-Cross Tee by Noir Kei Ninomiya

Even t-shirts aren’t safe from the savage genius of Kei Ninomiya.


LadyDiorStuds2 Sunglasses

You know how fashionistas love those big sunglasses? This pair by Dior is XXL.


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