Narratives: Under (re)Construction

By Makayla Gay

Amanda Boulos is no modernist. The Toronto-based artist balks at the white-on-white pieces that line modern galleries and has exploded onto the scene with brooding abstract narrative pieces dripping in sultry hues and surrealism.

Boulos’ narratively dense pieces have been described by the judges of the RBC Canadian Painting Competition as being “brave, nuanced and powerful.”

Her work reflects the instability of historical and political narratives in which she draws from for her pieces. She says, “I am able to take their incomplete parts and construct a space for myself.”

“The narratives I have inherited are very fragmented. They each come in the form of a single sentence or a blurred or incomplete memory.”

Many of the oral narratives aren’t accompanied by a solitary image, so Boulos can take the liberty of filling in the gaps with her imagination while still letting these fragments transform in their own right…

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