By Meghan Daniel

Rather than categorizing their roast rack of Herdwick lamb under “entrée” or their choux with hazelnut praline and crème anglaise under “dessert,” the menu at Emily Roux and Diego Ferrari’s Caractère of Notting Hill invites diners to explore a non-traditional presentation of dishes. The lamb, a hefty meat and potatoes dish, is listed under Robust, while the latter, a sweet pastry with praline and custard, is listed under Greedy; and quite honestly, if French pastries are greedy, we don’t want to be generous.

Roux says of Caractère’s approach to the menu’s organization, “The character traits used to describe the dishes are quirky and characterful, describing not only the food but also both our personalities.”

“Quirky and characterful” are fitting for the restaurant’s chic location. Popularized by the 1999 film of the same name starring Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant, Notting Hill is an amalgam of London’s posh and eccentric: a hub for socialites, shoppers and diners….

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