Italy, Inspiration & Instagram

Study abroad experience, social media savvy fuel a young artist’s career.

By Jenna Realmuto

Anna Douglas Smith leads me to a detached garage at her Spartanburg, South Carolina home—just last summer, it was transformed from a “cat palace” into an artist’s den. There is some residual evidence of the studio’s previous purpose—boxes of Christmas ornaments and old keepsakes high up on mounted shelves—but for a young artist, the space is paradise: quiet, private and fully stocked.

Paint-splattered ottoms make for eclectic seating. Tubes of paint peek out of the top of boxes. Paintbrushes of all shapes and sizes blossom from baskets and mugs. Paintbrushes that have a mother’s magic—most tools that Anna Douglas uses were once her mother’s, an artist herself. “They just do what no other brush can,” says Anna Douglas with a mysterious grin…

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