Marhaba Qatar/Hello Qatar

By Shahmim Akram

The sound of cantering hooves echoes across the stables as a majestic chestnut-colored horse, his mane flowing gracefully behind him, is led through the morning’s exercise. This
daily training routine is a vital part of the work carried out by the team at Qatar’s Al Shaqab Equestrian Center, whose mission is to highlight the country’s equestrian heritage and admiration of the Arabian horse. No expense has been spared on this state-of-the-art complex, where hundreds of these thoroughbred beauties are bred and trained. Visitors can book a public tour to view the facility, which has air-conditioned stables, an equine Jacuzzi and a unique winding swimming pool.

To celebrate its 25th year of operations, the organization presented show jumping, international dressage and para dressage events at CHI Al Shaqab 2017. During the competition, Qatar’s first professional female show jumper, Maryam Mubarak A. Al Ali, who had already competed internationally, proudly showcased her skill to her home audience. The same year, Qatar’s first female jockey, Maryam Al Subaiey, ranked in a race at Qatar’s Racing and Equestrian Club…

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