The Grand Budapest Cafe

In Sichuan, you’ll see more teahouses than sunny days.
—ancient proverb

By Makayla Gay

Vivacious greens and yellows quilt together the “Country of Heaven,” or the Chengdu Plain, whose fields provide the China’s agriculture and whose reserve provides a lush home to 80 percent of the world’s Sichuan pandas. Enveloped on all sides by this exuberant greenery sits Chengdu, the brimming and trendy metropolitan capital of the Sichuan province. It is place of imagination and innovation—home to the world’s largest building, a hub for high-end shopping, the latest marketplace for luxury international brands, the next getaway for the world’s globetrotters…

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The Budapest Café menu is a quirky assortment of pastries, signature sodas and hot cocoa—the brainchild of a close-knit partnership between owner Homdy Zhong and his kitchen team. (Photographs courtesy Biasol Studio/Photography by James Morgan)

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