Seeing Art in a New Light with Stephanie Baptist

The innovative curator shares more about her approach to exhibiting artwork, her time curating art across the Atlantic in London and her philosophy on nurturing emerging talent.

By Latria Graham

Before the establishment of museums, art was created to be enjoyed by patrons in their homes. Now white-walled exhibition spaces, often devoid of any context, make it hard to imagine the art as something created to live in spaces inhabited by people.

That’s where Stephanie Baptist’s work comes in. The independent cultural producer and editor from New Jersey founded Medium Tings, a conceptual art incubator in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, in 2017. She wanted to give emerging artists a place to showcase their work while introducing the community around her to contemporary art. On Sundays, her living room, on the second story of a brownstone, becomes an art gallery. There are no security guards to examine visitors’ every move, and the intimate atmosphere facilitates free flowing conversation, giving communities that often don’t intersect during the workweek the chance to interact through the medium of art. Ecru-colored walls offer a hint of warmth, and verdant houseplants punctuate the place, changing the way observers look at and analyze art…

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