A Fresh Take on Fall

Le spa de l'hôtel The Datai Langkawi.Le spa de l'hôtel The Datai Langkawi.

By Rhonda Wilkins

Executive Editor of Graceful Living, Rhonda Wilkins, shares her favorite recommendations for improving wellbeing, from a sojourn to a unique beach getaway in Malaysia, home to one of the world’s most luxurious wellness centers, to items for the mind, body and soul that will help you create a peaceful retreat and healthier living space within your very own home.

Luxury in the Rainforest

This beachside retreat, nestled amidst the lush rainforest on Malaysia’s Langkawi Island, has been designed to blend seamlessly into its surroundings. Made of timber from elephant-felled trees, The Datai Langkawi is guided by a sustainable ethos built literally into its core. This thoughtful approach extends to the resort’s Spa and Wellbeing program, which embraces the ever-expanding healing found in the rainforest with its age-old traditions and philosophies of the Malay culture known as Ramuan.

The HealingPower of OM

While I always advocate for finding time every day to unplug, to put away the smartphones and devices, there is an exception to the rule: the award-winning Calm app featuring meditation techniques for stress reduction and sleep is an example of smartphone-based technology that can actually improve focus and relaxation. I have found it to be the perfect antidote for anxiety and life’s hectic moments.


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