ELYSIAN in Switzerland


Expanding the Circle

This past June, ELYSIAN embarked upon an international adventure, heading to Switzerland for a week devoted to recognizing women in the arts and connecting women in leadership roles internationally.

Beginning on Saturday, June 8th, the ELYSIAN team joined Ambassador Ed McMullen at the US Ambassador’s Residence in Bern, Switzerland to co-host the Women Entrepreneur Cross-Cultural Round table, bringing together the ELYSIAN Circle of Inspiring Women with Swiss female thought-leaders, businesswomen, entrepreneurs and parliamentarians. The women seated at the table represented various fields and industries: publishing and media, business, law, diplomacy, software development, horticulture and plant sciences, pharmaceutical science, hospitality and wellness.

The cross-cultural exchange and open dialogue among the women set the stage for ongoing partnership opportunities between Swiss and US female-led interests and planted seeds for a peer-to-peer network for women’s resourcing, mentoring, and collaboration.

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