Add the Bucket Hat to Your Bucket List – A Fashion Favorite!


By Trish Carroll

Bucket hats have always been a favorite style of mine. As a child, I watched Gilligan’s Island, and I loved Gilligan’s style. He was super casual, basically a Ralph Lauren island poster boy. He always wore a bucket hat which is the perfect choice for a castaway island look. The birth of the bucket hat began with Irish fishermen and farmers in the 1900s. The bucket functioned as a protective hat that shielded them from the sun and rain with a flexible brim that allowed for rain to funnel off in the strongest of storms. Military issued buckets were also worn during the Vietnam War. They never seem to really go out of style; they pop up everywhere on rappers like LL Cool J, tennis players like Jimmy Connors and on the international runways for Fall and Spring fashion shows.

From Gucci to Michael Kors, they are back with a vengeance!  The chicest styles are from Dior in straw thatched with an openwork weave that makes them light and comfortable. Gucci approaches the bucket with an eclectic mix of logo with floral print and in fabrics such as black and white houndstooth worn head to toe with matching ensembles. Michael Kors first look on the runway for Spring 2020 was styled with a navy classic bucket. Prada has gone to their archives and relaunched shapes of the ’90s from their Prada Sport collection in nylon. In addition, Pucci has printed them as they always do for poolside chic.  Atelier Versace has done them in printed python that Rihanna has worn with a matching dress. From courtside, Ralph Lauren continues with the polo player and Lacoste with the alligator. Virgil Abloh, the guru of street wear, features a bucket hat in black with a white bold 4 arrow logo, plus an outside zip pocket that could come in handy, in his Off White collection.

My advice is to add them to your bucket list of must have wardrobe basics. Team them with a pair of sunglasses, and be prepared to add a mysterious sport look that can hide a bad hair day in style. I personally have collected them for years with a matchbook memorabilia type of attitude to remember the places I love. Amongst my collection is the pale pink Beverly Hills Hotel bucket, Little Palm Island Resort bucket for snob appeal in classic white and the Byblos Hotel Club, Les Caves du Roy which has a secret logo only those who have visited St. Tropez and danced like Bridget Bardot on top of tables would recognize. I plan to add more to my bucket list which serves two purposes…to add to my travel wish list and to add to my bucket hat collection! Thank you, Gilligan. You are an international trendsetter!

Trish Carroll

Trish Carroll

Editor of Style & Beauty
Trish Carroll is the dedicated Style & Beauty editor of ELYSIAN magazine. Trish has worked on the International Fashion scene for over 25 years and is better known as “Miss Trish of Capri,” which is the fashion brand she created over a decade ago. A few of the iconic fashion houses that have built her fashion journey by design include Michael Kors, Celine, Oscar de la Renta and Ralph Lauren. Her own brand has been in luxury retailers from Bergdorf Goodman to Harrods in London to Lane Crawford in Hong Kong. Target featured her brand as a part of their celebrity designer program which made her a household name in America. Currently she is a consultant to women fashion entrepreneurs.

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