Barbara Martinuzzi

Former Miss Italy, Creative Director & Founder of Martinuzzi Interiors 

Before becoming an award-winning interior designer, Barbara Martinuzzi had a career as a model, being crowned Miss Italy at the age of 17. Though challenging, for ten years, modeling afforded her independence. Making the decision that the world of fashion modeling was not for her, Barbara moved to Zürich, Switzerland, where she founded Martinuzzi Interiors. Her intuitive and eclectic designs have been recognized throughout Europe and the United States. 

What an amazing home you have overlooking Lake Zurich. As I sit here with this incredible vista, clouds breaking on the horizon, I thank you very much for opening your home for ELYSIAN’S European launch. What a masterpiece you have created here with your expertise in home décor and interior design.

Thank you, Karen.

Why are you selling this magnificent home?

This home is too big for me, with just my little doggie, Otto. I would like to move to something smaller and closer to town.  

It has been said that your untraditional childhood manifested in your creative ability?

My parents never married. In the ‘70s my mother’s journey was definitely considered unique because she did not marry my father. They just fell in love. My father was 25 years older than my mother, and though their love story did not last long, it was very intense. I am the result.

Did you have a good relationship with both of your parents?

I did not have much contact with my father. I saw him when I was small, two or three years old, but we lost contact because he was living with his own family. I grew up with my mother and my grandmother.


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