NYC Nostalgia

NY Nostalgia

As New York City shines bright with holiday spirit year after year, these two restaurants triumph as everlasting classics.

By Suzanne Johnson

Few places are more exciting than New York City during the holiday season. From the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center to the remarkable decorations along Fifth Avenue, New York City is the home to some of the most historic and beloved holiday sights in the country. 

Two of New York City’s most iconic restaurants, the 21 Club and the Waverly Inn, transform their popular dining establishments right after Thanksgiving into the most decorative and delicious celebrations of the holiday season you will ever see. Or taste. 

Yes, New York City is known for offering the latest trends in world-class dining, but when it comes to experiencing the best of the holidays, I much prefer these classic restaurants. Newer restaurants may garner most of the attention from the deluge of “culinary influencers” and “crowd-sourced reviewers” who now determine who’s been bad or good, but iconic restaurants like the 21 Club and the Waverly Inn are still thriving after years of success.  

So whether you are downtown—the Waverly Inn—or uptown—the 21 Club—for lunch, brunch or dinner, I promise that the decorations alone at these two landmarks will make you feel as if you are starring in your very own holiday classic movie. In fact, both restaurants have been in films and television shows, but it’s not just the décor that wows directors and customers alike. 

The Waverly Inn and the 21 Club attribute their success to a balance of service, ambiance and, above all, food. With each restaurant celebrating a significant anniversary this year, both continue to serve their beloved traditional dishes while striving to stay current. Incorporating clean lifestyle trends like vegan and gluten-free choices, each restaurant is dedicated to catering to its customers’ culinary likes and needs. 

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