Abby Deering

Abby Deering


Abby Deering is the Editor-in-Chief & Director of Strategic Partnerships for ELYSIAN Magazine.

Abby Deering brings international experience with extensive background as project manager for various start-up ventures, including online media platforms. She directs editorial curation and production for ELYSIAN magazine and digital platforms, as well as oversees brand partnerships for ELYSIAN.

Abby's Articles


Bermuda has a rich history of straddling the Old World and New with an unusual degree of panache and ease.

Tuscany Oaks Farm

A honeymoon on Lake Como was the inspiration for a Summerland, California home. 

Inside Outside

California home is a modern minimalist work of art by designer Steve Hermann.

Book Your Next Meal

Opened in 1983, Books for Cooks remains one of London’s best-kept secrets…from tourists, that is.

A Floating Art Festival

Since the Renaissance, Venice has been the seat of artistic and cultural exploration in Europe, so it’s fitting that the city plays host to the most glamorous international forum for contemporary art.

Pampering the Spirit and Soul

Kim Powell, owner of Woodhouse Day Spa, creates the ultimate “staycation” with her Women’s Wellness Weekend in Charleston, S.C.


With colorful beaches, azure coves, coral reefs and quaint villages tucked away in secret bays, Malta is a natural wonder and a historical treasure trove.

Shooting Blinds

Two major themes — the documentation of Louisiana and political activism — run throughout Nell Campbell’s photographs.

Women’s March on Washington

Marches were held in over 500 U.S. cities and in almost every state—from Antarctica to the U.S. Virgin Islands, from small gatherings in quaint town squares to massive crowds packing major city streets.