Abby Deering

Abby Deering


Abby Deering is the Editor-in-Chief & Director of Strategic Partnerships for ELYSIAN Magazine.

Abby Deering brings international experience with extensive background as project manager for various start-up ventures, including online media platforms. She directs editorial curation and production for ELYSIAN magazine and digital platforms, as well as oversees brand partnerships for ELYSIAN.

Abby's Articles


Bermuda has a rich history of straddling the Old World and New with an unusual degree of panache and ease.

Tuscany Oaks Farm

A honeymoon on Lake Como was the inspiration for a Summerland, California home. 

London Blooms - Chelsea Queen

London Blooms

This year, women have burst through horticulture’s “grass ceiling” by taking over the Chelsea Flower Show.

Salt of the Earth - Salt

Salt of the Earth

Salt is not just a common household item—it’s an ancient mineral surrounded in history and flavor that’s waiting to be embraced.

All Aboard! - Train Travel

All Aboard!

Luxury trains are giving people a new reason and rhyme to see the world – from India to Scotland to Japan.

Sports & Art - Dallas Art

Sports & Art

The best of both worlds meet in Dallas, where 79 artworks adorn the AT&T Stadium and offer sports fans a fresh and colorful new perspective.

Inside Outside

California home is a modern minimalist work of art by designer Steve Hermann.

Book Your Next Meal

Opened in 1983, Books for Cooks remains one of London’s best-kept secrets…from tourists, that is.

A Floating Art Festival

Since the Renaissance, Venice has been the seat of artistic and cultural exploration in Europe, so it’s fitting that the city plays host to the most glamorous international forum for contemporary art.