About Elysian’s Children

by Elysian Magazine

Whether you are a parent, grandparent, aunt, godparent, or friend, finding something special for the child in your life is important. Because the gifts you give are more than things for them to enjoy. They plant the seed of memories that stay with them all their lives. Bright colors, happy stories, and characters that become friends to a young mind are cherished, and as a child grows, contribute to the very foundation of who he or she becomes.  That is why we are very pleased to introduce you to Annabelle, created by author and illustrator Rhonda Atkins Leonard.

Not only through her book series, Annabelles’ four seasons, but through a collection of products that will not only enhance your child’s bedroom but provide a place of joy and comfort.

Welcome to the wonderful, colorful world of Annabelle.


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