Airplane Survival Kit

ELYSIAN columnist Amy Zimmer gave us her list of must-haves to make it through a flight.

Packing a go-bag for a flight probably the most difficult to master because it begins with having lots of nerves. I will keep this simple because it’s easy to overthink. Anything over a two-hour flight should come with comforts, and I’m not necessarily talking first class seats. The first thing I do before traveling is check the weather of my destination before I start packing. This will determine my layers and shoes for the journey. You don’t want to be that girl trying to walk (God forbid you have to run) through the airport in your 6-inch heels, only to be greeted by a snowstorm or torrential rain. Unless you are a celebrity or royalty, think practical.

My travel uniform usually consists of black/navy fitted dinner pants/leggings that I can dress up or down with a chic blazer or a silk blouse. For more casual trips, I will do a dressy jean with stretch.

Look-at-Me-Now™ Seamless Leggings

Silk Classic
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Eileen Fisher
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My Top Must-Haves for the Plane:

1.   Socks! As soon as spring arrives, I never have on closed-toe shoes, so I always pack a pair in my handbag. No one wants to go through security bare-footed.

Sensitive London Ergonomic Socks

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2.   A warm wrap that acts as a blanket on the plane and an added layer for cooler weather and air-conditioned restaurants. Check out those by MerSea; their wraps are the ultimate companion—from the plane to the city streets and best of all, the washer and dryer! Packaged in a matching bag, perfectly sized for a travel pillow.  Lilly Pulitzer makes beautiful cashmere wraps and ponchos for the “resort 365” vibe.

Classic Travel Wrap

Lilly Pulitzer
Nilly Cashmere Wrap

3.   Good reading material or a good book on the Audible app. The less you have to carry, the better. Don’t forget a pen for filling out travel documents. My favorite app is HeadSpace for guided meditation. (Or you can always read and listen to our interviews with ELYSIAN’s inspiring women.)

4.   Earplugs, eye mask, and neck roll for longer flights. I keep earplugs in my bag at all times when traveling (these froM TheFitLife are reusable, come in three sizes and are even safe to use in the shooting range). You never know when you will get a noisy hotel room. (Side note: When checking into your hotel ask for a quiet room; it’s not always one with the best view.) A good night’s sleep on a plane or hotel is a must. Even if you’re flying first class and don’t need a neck roll, it can come in handy if you have a long drive during your travel.

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5.   Basic toiletries for the flight include travel toothbrush, baby wipes (can be used as makeup remover for long flights and a quick freshen up upon arrival), Jo Malone sample size perfume for a little refresher.

Travel Toothbrush

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6.   Be mindful of your routine while traveling in the air. When I am traveling to Europe—three to four times a year, always a night flight, and usually seven to eight hours—I try to keep my routine. For example, if the flight leaves at 6 p.m., and I know I have seven hours in the air, I will start my movie immediately or read until food is served. Once food service has stopped, I am off to the bathroom to remove makeup, brush my teeth and get some rest. I will look at my watch to see the time, so when I awake, I will know how long I have slept. If I am lucky,  it’s a good three to four hours, which is necessary to function the next day. I would not recommend taking strong sleeping pills on a seven- or eight-hour flight; longer flights are OK. A simple Benadryl can do the trick for me, and it’s part of my emergency kit anyway.

Safe travels and until we meet again for tips on how to pack your suitcase with clothing essentials.

To Be Continued…


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