Bite Beauty’s Lip Pencils Have Taken Over the World

Elysian’s Beauty Report

It is totally possible to live an entire lifetime without ever using a lip pencil. Even if you’re a makeup enthusiast. Just apply your lipstick and move on to the rest of your face. So then you get the brilliant idea to use a liner so your lipstick will be precise and have more staying power. And as you’re penciling it on, the tips breaks, frays, cracks or skids, and you remember why you stopped trying to wear lip liner in the first place.

The folks at Bite Beauty have sooooo been there. They know what it was like to use a subpar lip pencil, so they went to the trouble of creating their own, and it’s easy to understand why it’s developed a cult following. Their magic formula is smooth and easy to apply, made from natural shea butter and available in 50 shades. It’s free from petrochemicals, phthalates, sulfates and other harmful chemicals. Bite Beauty’s lip pencils are so popular that Sephora can barely keep them in stock online or in stores. At any given moment, half the colorsmight be sold out, so if you see what you like, you had better pounce. Our top choices are:

048 Black Violet  | 030 Deep Salmon | 028 Soft Pink | 070 Electric Coral  | 096 Deep Magenta

Bite Beauty | Lip Pencil | $18 each |

Sometimes we pair our Bite Beauty Lip Pencil with a Bite Lipstick in a similar shade.

Sometimes we use the pencil to line our lips and fill it in for a strong matte look. And sometimes we use a Bite Lip Pencil to alter or add dimension to another lip color. In any case, Bite has brought lip pencils back into our makeup bags. Read our (well-defined, moisturized, and vibrantly pigmented) lips: THANK YOU.


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