Connecting Women in a Time of Disconnect

Global perspectives on how to maintain wellbeing and social connection during Covid-19.

Wednesday, April 8th
12 p.m. EST | 6 p.m. CET
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During this unprecedented time of disruption, ELYSIAN’s mission of connecting women is more vital than ever. Ironically, as we socially distance and isolate, never have we been more acutely aware of how interdependent we are on one another. Not only is it increasingly crucial to pay attention to both physical wellbeing and mental health – to take time for self-care – it is also important to find new ways to cope and connect.

It is in this spirit that ELYSIAN is hosting a virtual seminar bringing together global perspectives on wellness. At this very special gathering, wellness experts will share strategies and lessons for maintaining calm and wellbeing during turbulent times.

We will hear from Martha Wiedemann, Wellness Advisor at Badrutt’s Palace Hotel in St. Moritz, Switzerland, who draws upon Ayurvedic teachings and yogic traditions – (yoga means “to unite”) – and from Dr. Katherine Birchenough, a U.S functional medicine physician, who seeks to uncover underlying root causes with a focus on preventative methods, rather than treatment.



Katherine Birchenough is a board-certified emergency medical doctor and was only the fourth MD in South Carolina to be certified through the Institute for Functional Medicine. For 12 years, she watched as unhealthy environments and poor lifestyle choices affected the health of her patients. She realized the pursuit of health, beyond just the absence of disease, is a specialty in and of itself but wasn’t available to traditional medical students. This realization brought her to a new career path in functional medicine and has fueled her passion to treat the patient, not just the symptoms.


Martha Wiedemann is the dedicated Health & Wellness editor of ELYSIAN magazine. She is the Principal and Wellness Advisor of Badrutt’s Palace Hotel in St. Moritz, Switzerland. Martha was the leader of the multimillion-dollar expansion of Badrutt’s Palace Wellness Center to incorporate Ayurveda and Feng Shui. She is a world-renowned wellness and Ayurveda expert, nutritionist and has opened wellness centres in various five-star hotels and medical centres around the world. She is responsible for the concept, design and functions of Badrutt’s Palace Wellness Spa, as well as introducing the practice of Ayurveda to Switzerland.

Moderated by Karen Floyd,
ELYSIAN Founder & Publisher


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