Culinary Gifts to Dazzle the Foodie in Your Life

Kitchenware & cooking accessories to wow any chef in your life

She always takes you to the hottest new restaurant in town before anyone else even heard of it. She has something delicious bubbling on the stove whenever you happen to stop by. She refers to all the Food Network chefs by their first names even though she doesn’t know any of them personally. She never hesitates to come to your rescue when you need to resuscitate a quiche, concoct a gluten-free gnocchi or up the crisp-factor in your fried chicken. She’s the foodie on your Christmas List, and this year, you are determined to dazzle her gastronomic soul. Here are our favorite contenders:


Fortnum and Mason have been doing foodie gifts since 1707, and they’re the British Crown’s quality food purveyor of choice, so you could say they know what they’re doing. Their classic Christmas Pantry Hamper is chock full of specialty teas, biscuits and marmalades that never disappoint.

(Imported from England)


Is the souffle going to rise? Will the inside of the roast be fully cooked? How do you get those lumps out of the mashed potatoes? You’ve got enough to worry about when it comes to the meal; you shouldn’t be worrying about the coffee too. Nespresso makes a perfect cup every time with absolutely no fuss. If only the rest of the menu were so simple.

(44% off until 12/17)


Some people take cheese very seriously. It has to be stored at the right temperature, with the right humidity, protected from other pungent items in the refrigerator. For the cheese-obsessed foodie in your life, the Cheese Grotto is everything.



We can’t explain why Moscow Mules are traditionally served in copper mugs. All we can tell you is that they are delicious. Made from 100% copper in Austin, Texas, these lovely mugs can be used to drink anything you like.



Fondue is one of those food crazes that comes back again and again because food dipped in melted cheese is outrageously good. Cuisinart’s fondue set opens up so many possibilities.

(20% off until 12/23)


Yep, we know that compost is that slimy, smelly food waste that is catches flies. But to a foodie, composting is a way to fuel the next harvest, so we’ve got to salute that. A small outfit called Alabama Sawyer from Birmingham makes the prettiest composter we’ve ever seen. We wouldn’t be surprised if Granny washes out the compost when everyone’s asleep and fills the bin with corn muffins. She’s always been creative in the kitchen. Where do you think we learned it from?



Just when you thought the snowcone maker was just for the kids, you see a room full of adults howl with excitement. A snow cone from a concession stand is delightful, but a homemade snow cone comprised of wholesome, quality ingredients is sublime.

(20% off until 12/23)


Grow beautiful microgreens to throw in your salad, and have a little friend swimming nearby while you cook. The fish tank/grow kit is whimsy at it’s finest.



The conical lid on a traditional tagine keeps braised meats moist and tender while they cook. It is as functional as it is beautiful.



If it can’t be cooked in the Cuisinart Multi-cooker, we’re inclined to think that it can’t be cooked at all. This programmable device makes easy work of all your recipes, from roasts and soups to steamed vegetables and rice.

(20% off until 12/23)


Sustainably sourced from American hardwoods, this beautiful tray is handmade in Los Angeles, California.



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