Dubai Collection

Spartanburg-based jewelry company gains international attention

By Eliza Bishop
Photographs by Michael Griffin Jr.

Colibri Collections prides itself on the universal accessibility of its designs – each drawing from different ethnic and regional inspirations.

Just as gold pairs perfectly with silver, the founders of this brand have united in partnership. Amy Zimmer, Angie Comer and Karen Floyd’s love of fashion and friendship is why this Spartanburg-based company is growing an international following. Each partner draws upon her diverse background – fashion, nursing and law, respectively – to form the company’s design and business operations. Floyd also serves as publisher of Elysian magazine.

Rooted in Mediterranean culture, the Spring 2016 Dubai Collection is Colibri’s most recent reveal. Unique, handcrafted pieces testify to the beauty of the Middle East.

From lavender floral clustered rings and elegant magenta drop earrings to the diamonds encircling creamy opal stones on a stunning one-of-a-kind cuff, the Dubai Collection juxtaposes natural elements with dazzling jewels to create wearable art. The use of these opposing fundamentals – for example, the detailed metal work of golds and silvers – highlight one another while creating beautiful works of jewelry.

This is a collection that matches the romance of pave diamonds with the allure of the natural world, resulting in utmost glamour. At Colibri, diamond pendants play off of exquisite gems.  No matter the country or the culture, these accessories fit the occasion.

With four collections already under Colibri’s belt, including the Santa Fe, Charlestonian, Bora Bora and now Dubai, what continent will influence the company’s designs next?

Editor’s Note: The Colibri Collection is now the ELYSIAN Exclusive Collection, which you can shop at our online boutique.


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