ELYSIAN Celebrates The Publication of Ray Gun: The Bible of Music & Style

ELYSIAN traveled to Los Angeles this week to support our Chief Business Officer, Jaclynn Jarrett and to celebrate her husband Marvin’s launch of his new book, Ray Gun: The Bible of Music & Style. It was released on May 14, 2019 to the delight of rock and alternative music lovers everywhere.

Marvin Jarrett founded Ray Gun magazine in 1992, catering to an audience of alternative culture seekers at the height of the grunge era. The magazine was notable for its choices of progressive subject matter and was among the first publications to feature popular artists, such as Radiohead and Eminem, on its covers before its competitors. Marvin would go on to found NYLON in 1999 with Jaclynn Jarrett, his wife and the current Chief Business Officer of ELYSIAN.

Ray Gun: The Bible of Music & Style contains more than 200 full-color photographs and showcases the best features and most outrageous page designs from the history of the magazine’s publication. In the book, Marvin shares his deep gratitude to Jaclynn. Like him, ELYSIAN is extremely grateful to have Jaclynn as a part of our team.

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Marvin Jarrett, signing a copy of his new book
ELYSIAN Publisher Karen Floyd & Chief Business Officer Jaclynn Jarrett
Karen Floyd and Marvin Jarrett


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