Elysian’s Favorite New Bath and Body Brand Helps Women In Shelters Get Back On Their Feet

Women Entrepreneurs Rule!

It’s official. Female entrepreneurs are more successful and influential than they have ever been in history, according to Forbes Magazine’s latest issue which ranks the 60 wealthiest self-made women in the country. At ELYSIAN, we have the utmost respect for women with an innovative vision, the drive to bring it to fruition and the tenacity to grow a business through the ups and downs of the market. It’s in our DNA. In other words, success shouldn’t be at the cost of your personal values, but rather, an affirmation of them.

That’s why we we so excited to learn that our favorite new line of bath and body products was founded by a female entrepreneur who has made it her mission to hire women who are transitioning out of crisis. It all started in 2010, when Tracy Gunn, a single mother of two was laid off from her job and struggling to keep the lights on. She had always been crafty, concocting homemade soaps and bath products as a hobby. With her career prospects dimming, and the bills piling up, she took a chance and invested her last $32 into a soap company. She got right to work marketing her beautiful, handmade bath products, and within a year, her soaps, scrubs and bath bombs were available in more than 1,000 stores.

Tracy Gunn pictured with her products at The Naked Mermaid Soapery in Delray Beach, FL. (Photo by Tim Stepien.)

Even when her resources were dwindling and her options were few, Tracy Gunn believed that it was important to help others. While visiting a women’s shelter in New York City, Gunn noticed that the director would greet each woman with a daily affirmation that began with YOU ARE. “UR strong.” “UR brave.” “UR fearless.” The mantra became the inspiration and namesake for Gunn’s fledgling company. As demand for her products began to escalate across the country, Gunn was unable to make all of the products herself, and had to consider her best options for mass production. She thought about working with a factory overseas and then remembered the women in the shelter in New York. She decided to train and hire women in shelters to make Ur bath products, and dedicated her company to helping American women transition from their darkest moment of crisis to a bright new future.

Ur’s bath products are made with natural ingredients and essential oils and are a wonderful way to relax and destress. Ur’s Bath bombs, soaps and scrubs make excellent gifts, and best of all, your purchase helps other women to make a living that they can be proud of. Now, that’s what we call a WIN-WIN.

Ur Bath & Products are available at more than a hundred retailers across the country and online. Elysian’s faves:


We nicknamed this one “green paradise.” Scented with subtle hints of jasmine, pine and musk, the Green Salty Bath Bomb whips your bath water into a frothy foam and softens your skin with sea salt, epsom salt and baking soda. We also love the Ur Salty Sugar Scrub. It makes exfoliation fun! And the Ur Salty Shower Steamer will make you feel like you’re walking along the beach at sunrise even if you’re just taking a quick rinse before bed.

Ur Salty Bath Bomb ($6, bloomingdales.com) ・ Ur Salty Foaming Body Sugar Scrub ($22, amazon.com) ・ Ur Salty Shower Steamer ($22.50, amazon.com)



This is how you turn your bathtub into a spa. The Ur Classy Bomb produces swirls of blue and yellow foam that are delicately scented with white jasmine, yuzu, white poppy, lily, magnolia and white musk. Cocoa butter adds moisturizing properties to your bath water, and epsom salt and baking soda helps relax your muscles.

Ur Classy Bath Bomb ($6, bloomingdales.com)



#goals! How did Ur know that Calm and Happy is on our vision board? I guess that’s what we’re all looking for. The Calm Soap is scented with lavender essential oil and vanilla, and Happy is made with lavender and lemon. They both contain coconut, olive and palm oils derived from sustainable sources. We also love the Ur Happy foaming scrub.

Ur Calm & Ur Happy Soap Set ($24.98, amazon.com) ・ Ur Happy Foaming Body Sugar Scrub ($24.50, amazon.com)



You’re going to have to trust us on this one because the Pretty Bomb isn’t all that pretty before you plop it in the tub. It looks like a grey goose egg. But once it hits the water, releasing iridescent foam and producing a sweet scent made of cherry, brown sugar and tonka bean, you’re going to feel and smell pretty, indeed.

Ur Pretty Bath Bomb ($6, bloomingdales.com)



Something about layers and layers of foamy bubbles makes us happy. Crazy happy. The bubble sand is the most prolific foam agent we’ve ever met, and we love the Ur Crazy scent of cotton candy, vanilla bean and Bergamot.

Ur Crazy Bubble Sand ($14.99, amazon.com)



We feel that having pink flamingos as lawn ornaments is kind of the opposite of fancy, but whatevs. The Ur Fancy bath bomb with its little flamingo shapes is undeniably cute. And its scent of pink grapefruit and ocean breeze has us so relaxed that we feel like we’re out on the open sea in our yacht. Now, that’s fancy.

Ur Fancy Bath Bomb ($6, bloomingdales.com)



With hints of vanilla and rose, the Ur Loved body scrub removes surface skin impurities and softens at the same time. And it smells mmmmmmmmm. Makes a cute gift, but be sure to pick one up for yourself, too. Give love, get love.

Ur Loved Foaming Body Sugar Scrub ($22, amazon.com)


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