Everything We Want is a Miracle Waiting to Happen

By Martha Wiedemann

We are beings full of energy and what we think and feel is where we direct most of our energy. This is how we manifest our reality. So, what do we think and feel most of our waking hours?

Are we afraid of getting ill? Losing what brings us joy? How much of what we think and feel comes from Ego? We may enjoy a piece of music or art, but it is often radiating a strong emotion which can affect us if we absorb it. How trained are we to be able to observe and accept the world without becoming a part of its sorrow, anger, greed, fear and separateness? Are we conscious of what influences our being? Let us not all become hermits and fearful of how to live within this wonderful, energetic and vibrant world.

It’s time to tap into your full potential and be the creator of your reality. During meditation, one can distance or even disconnect from the ‘egoic’ identity. In Ayurveda, we refer to the ego as ‘Ahamkara’ or the I-Fabrication. Connecting to one’s true self is done best through the meditative process. Getting beyond the fabricated identity is the path to Empowerment, Healing, Love, Beauty, Peace and Oneness with all creation. Surely we want to get beyond the unfulfilling desires of more and more of what never completes us.

Each and every one of us has a magnificent purpose for why we exist in this world at this time. You and I are ultimately one. We want wellness for ourselves but also for the world. As we connect to our true identity, we will understand our purpose and potential to create, envision and manifest a better world. Everything we want is a miracle waiting to happen!


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