Father’s Day Finds

20 Perfect Gifts for the Guy Who’s Impossible to Buy For

He’s a stoic, old-fashioned kind of guy. He’s not going to tell you what he wants for his birthday or for Father’s Day. Ever. He always says that he doesn’t need anything. But he’s the man who patched up your skinned knees when you were a little girl. He put the fear of God into all the boys in town who wanted to date you when you were a teen. And he made sure you attended–and graduated from–college, despite all the reasons you gave for taking time off to sail a boat around the world, teach English in Yemen, or start your own line of leggings (you can do those things after college, said Dad.)

Dad deserves a special gift this year, and to find it, you must do a little sleuthing. What does he like to do when he’s relaxing? Is he the outdoors type or more of a television guy? Is he into sports or more of a foodie? Dad’s been looking out for you since the beginning, why not take a moment and show him how special he is? To ease your gifting challenges, we’ve selected our top 20 Father’s Day finds:

The Spirits Connoisseur

Sip in Style

Even though they are a receptacle for traveling booze, there is something classy and old-world about flasks. Darby Scott’s hip flask with a genuine Nile croc cover will ensure that Dad sips in style, whether he’s on the hunt or watching the game.

Darby Scott Hip Flask
$525, darbyscott.com

Build a Brewmaster

With a Beer Brewing Subscription from Brooklyn Brew Shop, Dad will have as much fun making suds as he does drinking them. The brewing kit is designed to be easy-to-use and compact enough to fit in almost any kitchen.

Brooklyn Brew Shop Brewing Subscription
$90-$220, food52.com

Make a Mixologist

The Kipton Mixologist Box from Ralph Lauren is an exquisite collection of bar glasses and silver-plated tools beautifully housed in a leather caddy, a must for the Dad who takes hospitality very seriously.

Ralph Lauren Kipton Mixologist Box
$3,995, ralphlauren.com

Party Centerpiece

Brookstone always has unusual gift ideas, and this Father’s Day is no exception. We especially love the Sun Joe Stone Fire Pit. Can you picture Dad pulling out his acoustic guitar for a sing-along on the patio? That might be torture for you and your siblings, but he’ll certainly enjoy it.

Sun Joe Stone Fire Pit
$207.99, brookstone.com

On the Rocks

Every bartender knows that a perfect cocktail starts with the ice. Aha’s Spherical Ice Maker will make Dad’s home highballs as tasty as the $20 drinks he complains about paying for at that fancy new bar in town.

The Whiskey Ice Co. Spherical Ice Ball Maker
$399.99, shophorne.com

Father’s Day Feast

Fortnum & Mason have been purveyors of luxury gifts since time immemorial (or 1707 to be exact), and their luxury grooming gifts, amenities hampers and spirits-and-snacks assemblages are unparalleled. We think Dad will really love their Father’s Day Feast which includes two exquisite bottles of wine, Fortnum’s proprietary dill and mustard spread, a tub of Welsh Rarebit, a wedge of organic Stilton cheese, and farmed Scottish salmon.

Fortnum & Mason Father’s Day Fest
$167, fortnumandmason.com

The Sportsman

The Fisherman

Remember that time Dad took you fishing and all you caught was a nasty sunburn on your nose, and your finger in the bait hook? Neither one of you had a lot of fun that day. But maybe it’s worth trying to take Dad fishing again, but this time, he’ll be in a particularly good mood because he’s fishing with the new Pro Qualifier 2 Baitcast Rod and Reel Combo that you got him at Bass Pro Shops.

Bass Pro Shops Pro Qualifer 2 Baitcast Rod & Reel Combo
$169.98, basspro.com

The Beachgoer

Dad likes to brag that he’s in as good shape now as he was when you were born. But even if that’s not quite true, he is guaranteed a fun and rigorous workout on the Pau Hana Big EZ Woody Stand-up Paddleboard, which works every muscle from head to toe.

Pau Hana Big EZ Woody Stand-up Paddleboard
$1,299, llbean.com

The Golfer

Dad loves to hit the greens, but he also loves his music. The Sound Caddy wireless golf club speaker will give him the best of both worlds. It looks like a driver in his golf bag, but it streams Dad’s music from his smartphone. Let’s hope he won’t get too distracted by his favorite song that he doesn’t hear the golfers behind him yelling “Fore!”

Sound Caddy Golf Club Speaker
$99, brookstone.com

The Relaxer

High angle of father lying relaxing on bed with his daughter, feet up on windowsill, both looking up, dreaming and talking

Automated Masseuse

Dad might feel funny about going to see that massage therapist you recommended, be he’ll feel great about the Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager with Heat. It’s the ideal way to relax after a long day on the greens, and Dad won’t have to worry about disrobing in front of a stranger.

Brookstone Shiatsu Neck & Back Massager
$79.99, brookstone.com

The Techie

Father Works On Laptop As Baby Son Plays With Toys

Pocket Projector

Get ready to see videos of Dad’s latest trip abroad, not to mention the digital version of those old home movies he found in that box in the basement. The Nebula pocket projector is only the size of a soda can, but it delivers high-fidelity images and sound that Dad will appreciate.

Anker Nebula Capsule Smart Mini Projector
$349.99, amazon.com

The Music Lover

The Revo Supersystem will make it easy for Dad to play those podcasts you’ve been telling him about, as well as satellite radio, digital files from his smartphone, and pretty much any other format you can think of. And when he listens to it, he won’t complain about how nothing sounds as good as his old records, because the Revo Supersystem has award-winning sound technology that even your picky Dad will appreciate.

REVO Supersystem
$799.99, amazon.com

The Foodie

Multi Generation Family Enjoying Cooking Barbecue At Home

The Grillmaster

Brookstone has assembled a high-quality grilling set for the Dad who loves cooking over an open flame. The 5-piece kit includes a grill fork with a digital thermometer, timer and flashlight.

Brookstone 5-Piece Grill Set & Digital Thermometer
$59.99, brookstone.com
In the Hot Seat

Some like it hot, but Dad prefers his food VERY hot. A hot sauce subscription will keep his eyes tearing up and nostrils flaring with quarterly shipments of liquid fire from artisanal purveyors around the country.

Fuego Box Small Batch Hot Sauce Subscription
$120, food52.com

Say “Cheese”

If your Dad loves cheese, then a Cheese Grotto will absolutely life-changing for him. It is designed to preserve cheese’s lifespan by keeping it at the right temperature and humidity. They’ll be no more discarding bits of moldy cheese, and you know Dad is always happy to eliminate waste.

Cheese Grotto
$375-$390, food52.com

Up in Smoke

Smoking your own meat is the next frontier in foodie culture, and if you think Dad is ready to go next-level, then the Weber Black Porcelain Enameled Smoker is definitely the way to go.

Weber 18-in-1 Smokey Mountain Cooker
$229, lowes.com

The Meticulous Groomer

Razor Sharp

Dad has always been careful about grooming his beard just so. The ergonomic grip and precision blades of the Madrid razor will give Dad the tool he needs to keep his sideburns in line.

HOMMAGE Madrid Razor
$250, amazon.com

The Traveller

Closeup of young man with backpack and binoculars in forest

Whatever Beans Necessary

Dad is serious about his coffee, especially when he’s on the hunt or going for a long hike. The Handpresso Portable Espresso Machine is a barista in a bag, delivering top-notch taste on the go.

Handpresso Outdoor Complete Kit
$198, houzz.com

Keep it Cool

The Yeti Cooler is a compact, soft-sided bag that fits 18 cans at once. It’s so lightweight and easy to carry that you might volunteer to put it on your shoulder next time you and Dad set out for a fishing trip.

YETI Hopper Two Cooler
$249.99-$299.99, orvis.com

The Handyman

All Rolled into One

Remember that time you lent your friend Dad’s hammer and he noticed it was missing the moment it left the garage? The Dad who is meticulous about his woodworking tools will love the waxed canvas tool roll. It is quality-constructed with a separate slot for each tool. so he’ll be able to tell right away if anything is missing.

Shelter Waxed Canvas Tool Roll
$78, food52.com

Happy Father’s Day!


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