Finding Your Sole Mate

How to make shoes your best friend

By Amy Zimmer

Finding your perfect pair of shoes is like finding the perfect soul mate. Think of it, figuratively, like a fine dance. Do you like to salsa, waltz, get down to some 80s disco tunes? Or perhaps getting out of bed is your dance de jour?

After a recent back injury, I found myself in the later situation. My daily task of “dressing for success” had become more like “dress for survival.” My outfits were being put together based on “what shoe can I wear today and for how long?”

Taking a deeper look into my shoe closet became crippling. All of my usual go-to sole mates were the ones I would be doing the “jerk” in — you know the high platform heels or wedges that literally test all balancing skills, the ones perfected in power yoga class.

I was reduced to wearing my faithful, inexpensive Volatile flip flops until I found my perfect sole mate. In walks Pedro García, a Spaniard I may add. Pedro García is a third generation family company in the shoemaking business. Available in 36 countries and sold in premier retail establishments. It was love at my first pair.

Pedro García gave me back my height and my love for wearing shoes. All the other brands I once had a love-hate relationship with had come to an almost complete end. My towering YSL tributes had started to collect dust, something very painful to see — come on shoe-nistas, you know what I am talking about.

I am happy to say my back has greatly improved through therapy and by listening to my body when it tells me what I can wear on a daily basis. Fashion and traveling are a part of my life, two components that have everything to do with style and comfort.

There are perfect sole mates out there for everyone at every price point. Be prepared to spend a little more if necessary. When you figure the cost per wear, it pays off. You must be diligent in your search and not give in to the sale racks. We will refer to those racks as the “cheap dating site” — you know the ones that look really good at first glance, but the more you try them out, the worse they get. If you’re lucky, you might just find that brand you have grown to love on sale, if so, load up.

After all, the right shoes can change your life, Cinderella.


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