Get Cozy! It’s Sweater Season

13 Knits ELYSIAN Is Wild About This Season

Remember when sweaters made up the boring, perfunctory section of your wardrobe? They were something to wear if and only if the weather demanded it. All about function, not about form. Now those staid old sweaters are as outdated as an iPhone 4 because a new generation of high-tech computer-programmed looms are changing the way sweaters are made. The latest knit technology can generate an expansive range of patterns, textures, and shapes that is limited only by the designer’s imagination. And it goes without saying that the world’s top design houses are pretty creative, but there, we said it anyway. Stella McCartney, Saint Laurent, Marni, Jil Sander, and Phillip Lim are all approaching knits in a new way, which means you can get cozy and be fabulous all at once.

Saint Laurent
Black & White Knit

Wool, Alpaca and Mohair comprise this impossibly soft, effortlessly chic knit showpiece from Saint Laurent. ($1,350,

Stella McCartney
Crew Neck Cape Sweater

An asymmetric, slit waistline and and lush fiber blend make this tunic-like sweater a perfect match for your favorite leggings. ($1,375,

Maison Kitsuné
Forest Green Fox Head Sweater

Kitsuné was founded by a Brit and a Frenchman, and fuses Japanese modernist design (Kitsuné means fox in Japanese) with traditional Italian craftsmanship. Who says internationalism is dead? ($450,

Tan Ribbed Turtleneck

It might be called a “turtleneck,” but Marni’s long, fitted version of the garish 70s mainstay is all style and substance with no filler. ($1,290,

Acne Studios
Red Ribbed Turtleneck

Acne’s voluminous red sweater is the like wearing a giant hug. ($470,

rag & bone
Blue Holland Crop Sweater

Shades of indigo on a wispy crop top make this Rag & Bone knit an ideal match for jeans. ($350,

Jil Sander
Red Ribbed Sweater

Subtle ribbing gives Jil Sander’s crimson sweater shape and style. ($1,150,

Pink Cashmere Arrow Turtleneck

We love the simple elegance of Altuzarra’s downy pink cashmere, especially when paired with a matching skirt. ($995,

Navy Rainbow Turtleneck

It’s not really a sweater, per se, but it’s a layered turtleneck, and is therefore securely ensconced in the cozy section of your wardrobe. ($460,

RED Valentino
Black Ruffle Sleeve Sweater

We don’t often see a ruffle and a knit running concurrently, but it definitely works here. ($495,

Fuzzy Adele Sweater

Have you ever tried really hard to look like you’re not trying too hard? Yep, we have too. But the effortless way to arrive at that destination is with Y’s Grey Fuzzy sweater. ($670,

Navy Grid Stripe Turtleneck

Carven’s Navy Grid sweater is mod and modern at the same time. Pair it with a mini and some white ankle boots and you’ll be soooo groovy. ($490,

Phillip Lim
White Waist-Tie Sweater

Directional ribbing and a tie-waist make this Phillip Lim sweater a definite figure flatterer. ($395,


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