Home Decor Trends 2018

ELYSIAN style experts compiled a list of what’s what in home decor for 2018

Trends may come and go, but what you do with your home sticks around. With 2017 being all about Edison bulbs, brushed silver and do-it-yourself – um – everything, it’s time to move into the new year. Spring is a time for reawakening, so it may be about time to think about redecorating.

While some fads are being escorted out with gusto, ELYSIAN did its best to track the next biggest trends to hit your favorite home stores in 2018.


Ah, velvet: the quintessential fabric of royalty. This one can be tricky though – there has to be balance. Too much, and it can end up downright bawdy. Using one bold-color velvet item can act as a great accent, but if you’re planning on dressing the whole room in plush, it’s best to go with a neutral tone.

Shop these styles:
Waverly Tufted Sofa, Forest Velvet, $2,995, onekingslane.com
Arteriors Christophe Sharkskin Velvet & Grey Ash Bench, $2,100, laylagrayce.com
Portsmouth Ottoman, Fig Velvet, $995 – $1,195, onekingslane.com
Jonathan Adler Bacharach Velvet Swivel Chair, $2,750, neimanmarcus.com
Blue Ivy Velvet Pillow, $120, neimanmarcus.com
Yellow/Blue Silk Velvet Pillowm, $120, neimanmarcus.com


Bold Patterns

2018 is all about eye-catching patterns that enhance a room’s overall look. From tropical patterns to geometric shapes (circles overcome triangles this year) to feminine floral, there’s plenty out there to choose from. Sometimes, they’re even incorporated into furniture items themselves and act as more than just accents.

Shop these styles:
Savannah Ottoman, Blue Palm, $315, onekingslane.com
Surya Kalena Bright Pink Decorative Pillow, $55, laylagrayce.com
Fabric Accent Armless Chairs, $498.98, amazon.com
Navy Patterned Neva Table Lamp, $312.50, houzz.com
Moroccan Bone Inlay Side Table, $1,125, belleandjune.com
Grey Blossoms Slate Pillow, $320, belleandjune.com
Pink Bedford Ginger Jar, $150, belleandjune.com
Peacock Feather Patterned Lampshade, $102.36, amazon.com


Olive Green

Green is found in nature. It is timeless and instinctively appealing. Olive green shades are softer and more sophisticated, all the while adding a splash of color and an undeniably earthy aesthetic.

Shop these styles: 
Bevin Accent Chair, Moss Velvet, $2,595, onekingslane.com
Green Fortune Garden Stool, $258, belleandjune.com
Olive Branch Chest, $2,880, neimanmarcus.com
Baccarat Lucky Butterfly, $140, barneys.com
Almafi Seahorse Pillow, $80, burkedecor.com
Davidson Tub Design Accent Chair, $150.99, houzz.com

Artisan Lighting

Forget Edison bulbs and those hanging mason jars. This year is all about artisanal lighting. Interior designers are seeing a shift towards the more unique, eye-catching lighting options on the market. It’s not about vintage nostalgia anymore; it’s about sophistication.

Shop these styles:
Visual Comfort Halo Medium Hanging Shade, $1,250, neimanmarcus.com
Aspen Small Conical Hanging Shade, $588, burkedecor.com
Worlds Away Pemble Chandelier, $697, laylagrayce.com
Dreizehngard Swing Pendant Lamp, $1,208, houzz.com
Louis Poulsen Cirque Pendants, $270-$598, bloomingdales.com


Agate Wallpaper

Now this one is cool. Geode and agate wallpapers mimic the patterns of natural stones. Great for accent walls, these patterns can bring a level of chicness to any room. If you’re hesitant about covering an entire wall, try a painting or rug instead.

Shop these styles:
Marbled Agate Wall Mural, $74.99, houzz.com
Kenneth James Agate Coral Stone Wallpaper, $139.54, amazon.com
Marble Texture Wall Mural, $124.99, houzz.com
Designart Macro of Blue Agate Stone, $154.99, amazon.com
Surya Aberdine Rug, $193.20, houzz.com


Woven Textures

Remember when we said that more natural-looking, artisanal items were making a comeback? Woven textures are certainly a part of that trend. While dark, heavy woods were all the rage last year, it’s time to lighten up. Dress your home with woven textures to bring a bit of natural flare.

Shop these styles:
Surya Sundaze Hand Woven Jute Rug, $99, laylagrayce.com
Small Jute Floor Basket, $120, onekingslane.com
Sycamore Hill Rattan Lamp, $115, onekingslane.com
Facade Sage Pillow, $100, belleandjune.com
Woven Sienna Stool, $237.50, burkedecor.com
Bliss Woven Chair, $416, burkedecor.com


Brass Accents

Move over, brushed silver. Stainless steel is expected and familiar – but decidedly overplayed. Brass accents and fixtures are likely to replace silvers in 2018 by bringing more subtlety and class than the latter could ever bring to a room.

Shop these styles:
Zanadoo Sconce Antiqued Brass, $965, onekingslane.com
Studio A Offering Brass Tray, $198, laylagrayce.com
Kassatex Nile Wastebasket, $80, neimanmarcus.com
Sakura Leaf Decorative Bowl, $538, onekingslane.com
Jamie Young Butterfly Wall Scultpure, $450, neimanmarcus.com
Gia Drinks Table, $1,490, burkedecor.com
Noir Copper Antique Brass Mirror, $1,044, laylagrayce.com



Lavender is fast becoming the new millennial pink. Such feminine shades can be intimidating to work with, but the soft tones of lavender, when paired with more vibrant pigments, can bring a certain complexity and pleasing balance to the eye.

Shop these styles:
Avani Decorative Pillow, $169.99, bloomingdales.com
Handcrafted Decorative Glass Vase, $55.65, houzz.com
Jardin Imaginaire Voilet/Pink Flower Sculpture, $450, bergdorfgoodman.com
Jonathan Adler Barcelona Accent Lamp, $460, burkedecor.com
Dahlia Small Flower Pillow, $78, belleandjune.com
Jonathan Adler Versaille Carnaby Canister, $98, neimanmarcus.com
Glen Cove Fabric Accent Chair, $349, macys.com


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