Hoop Earrings are Back in Style!

But have they ever been out of style? Here are our 50 favorite hoops of the season.

Hoop earrings are trending strong this summer. That’s great news for hoop aficionados like us. But we’ve got to wonder: have hoops ever not been hot? Hoops are among the oldest articles of jewelry recovered by archaeologists from ancient ruins. Gold, silver and bronze hoops were among the remains of a Minoan civilization dated 2000 BCE. Hoops appear in painted frescoes found on rocks in Santorini, Greece from 1600 BCE. Hoops can be interpreted as high-end or low-end. They can be diamond encrusted in platinum or fashioned with silver, brass, mystery metal, plastic, leather, or even fur. What other article of jewelry can you wear with yoga pants, a messy top bun and uggs to run errands, then wear with a button-down and pencil skirt for the office, or pair it with a midi-dress and heels for an evening out? We dug deep to excavate our favorite 50 hoops for the summer of 2018. If you didn’t know it before, you’ll know it now: there is truly a hoop for every situation.


Have you ever gone days or even weeks in the same pair of earrings? They go with any necklace you put on, are comfortable enough to wear to sleep, and durable enough to wear in the shower. It’s probably a good idea to take then off every once in a while, but we understand why you live in your favorite everyday hoops.

1. David Yurman Cable Classics, $395, neimanmarcus.com // 2. Fallon Flat Plate Hoops, $140, neimanmarcus.com // 3. Jose & Maria Barrera Hammered Clip-on Hoops, $275, neimanmarcus.com // 4. Charlotte Chesnais Bloom Earring, $1,815, nordstrom.com // 5. NEST Jewelry Satin-Finish Hoops, $95, neimanmarcus.com // 6. Elizabeth Locke Baby Hoops, $1,375, neimanmarcus.com // 7. Kendra Scott Val Crystal Hoops, $70, neimanmarcus.com // 8. JW Anderson Gold & Silver Double Hoops, $240, ssense.com // 9. Sophie Buhai Gold Classic Hoops, $368, ssense.com // 10. Sophie Buhai Isabel Hoops, $266, ssense.com



An embellished hoop balances the glitz of a party dress or adds embellishment to a simple shift.

1. Alexis Bittar Oversize Dangling Hoops, $245, nordstrom.com // 2. Rosantica Dada Beaded Hoops, $170, modaoperandi.com // 3. Fallon Crystal Hoops, $260, modaoperandi.com // 4. Jose & Maria Barrera Turquoise & Gold Hoops, $315, neimanmarcus.com // 5. Shourouk Hula Hoop Earrings, $300, modaoperandi.com // 6. Lulu Frost Rainbow Hoops, $225, neimanmarcus.com // 7. Isabel Marant Superluminal Earrings, $232, ssense.com // 8. Lana Oval Glimmer Hoops, $402, neimanmarcus.com // 9. Sequin Rainbow Crystal Hoops, $145, neimanmarcus.com // 10. Kendra Scott Gareth Hoops, $168, neimanmarcus.com


Sure, hoops can be basic, but they don’t have to be. The bold look of a Mod drop-hoop or a fringy 60s loop are straight from the playbook of a Warhol Superstar.

1. Isabel Marant Seriously Earrings, $267, ssense.com // 2. Area Oversized Hoops, $310, barneys.com // 3. Lanvin Gold Drop Earrings, $275, barneys.com // 4. Chloé Darcey Hoops, $300, ssense.com // 5. Foundrae Orbit Diamond Earrings, $1,895, net-a-porter.com // 6. Kristin Cavallari Rhapsody Earrings, $68, nordstrom.com // 7. Bloomingdale’s Rhombus Hoops, $200, bloomingdales.com // 8. Charlotte Chesnais Saturn Hoops, $2,565, net-a-porter.com // 9. Baublebar Faidra Acrylic Drop Hoops, $34, nordstrom.com // 10. Lana Upside Down Hoops, $430, neimanmarcus.com


The ancients made their hoops from gold, but who says we have to do the same? Hoops can be fashioned in silver, brass, rhodium, cloth, beads, leather, or even fur. And there’s no rule that says they have to match either. Why not try a hoop in one ear, and a stud or ornamental pendant in the other? It’s all fair game.

1. Ribeyron Calfskin & Rhodium Earrings, $122, ssense.com // 2. Sachin & Babi Caviar Hoops, $125, neimanmarcus.com // 3. Kate Spade Beaded Thread-wrapped Hoops, $78, nordstrom.com // 4. Ranjana Khan Beaded Flower Hoops, $395, neimanmarcus.com // 5. Oscar de la Renta Flower Garden Hoops, $348, neimanmarcus.com // 6. Paul Mendeza Embera Gold-plated Brass Hoops, $400, modaoperandi.com // 7. Rebecca de Ravenel Metal Petal Hoops, $385, modaoperandi.com // 8. Jennifer Fisher Unicorn Earrings, $325, net-a-porter.com // 9. Wild & Wooly Pink Mink Hoops, $189, ssense.com // 10. Ellery Cusp Oyster Hoops, $225, net-a-porter.com


Today, we often think of hoops simply in terms of the casual and everyday, but the ancients knew better. Their skilled craftsmen formed hoop earrings from their most precious stones and metals. Fortunately, in the present day, there are still plenty of craftsmen who share the ancients’ skills and sensibilities.

1. Colette Jewelry U-Hoop Earrings, $6,890, modaoperandi.com // 2. Yeprem Chevalier Hoops with Petals, $24,000, modaoperandi.com // 3. Hoorsenbuhs Drop Diamond Earrings, $5,700, modaoperandi.com // 4. Elizabeth Locke Tutti Frutti Gold Hoops, $5,175, neimanmarcus.com // 5.  Jemma Wynne Gold & Diamond Earrings, $6,720, net-a-porter.com // 6. Lana Scattered Diamond Hoops, $3,695, neimanmarcus.com // 7. Malcolm Betts Wobbly Huggie Hoops, $6,465, barneys.com // 8. Suzanne Kalan Baguette Diamond Hoops, $7,000, neimanmarcus.com // 9. Lana Cluster Diamond Hoops, $12,800, neimanmarcus.com // 10. Lana Bold XL Glam Magic Hoops, $995, neimanmarcus.com


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