How to Glow Like J-Lo

Her beauty is inimitable, but her style inspired a 70-piece capsule collection from INGLOT.

Beauty doesn’t come in a bottle. We know this. How we look is a delicate balance between our natural attributes, self-care regimen, prowess with cosmetics and personal confidence. And although we are well aware that no potion can replicate Rihanna’s emerald-colored eyes or Jennifer Lopez’s exquisite cheekbones, there’s something about their makeup collections that is inherently attractive. And it’s not that we want to impersonate our beauty icons anyway. Like J-Lo and RiRi, we also embrace the idea that beauty is about celebrating your individuality, not adhering to society’s unrealistic standards of perfection.

Nevertheless, there’s something about seeing J-Lo’s name on your lipstick and realizing that one of the world’s most successful entertainers of the past two decades, (who also happens to be one of the most beautiful women) uses the very same lipstick as you. Wearing Inglot x J-Lo cosmetics doesn’t make Jennifer Lopez your idol, rather, she is your contemporary. She’s the girl primping next to you in the nightclub bathroom mirror, and you’re like “Hey, great lipstick. Where’d you get it?”

Available at Macy’s, the 70-piece collection for lips, eyes, face and nails is designed to emphasize every woman’s version of the J-Lo glow. Shimmery highlighters for cheeks and eyes, and lipsticks that range from elegantly nude to dazzlingly bold are the collection’s mainstays. Besameis J-Lo’s version of the perfect red, and she absolutely hit the mark on this one. A richly pigmented crimson that’s universally flattering for any skin tone, Besame (along with the three other lipsticks in the collection) is a long-lasting, blendable formulation enriched with vitamin E and apricot kernel oil. As stunning as Ms. Lopez looks with a bold red lip, we are more accustomed to seeing her with a glossy nude pout along the lines of her lipstick Flor.

Inglot x JLO
Besame & Flor Lipsticks
$19.00 each,

Inglot x JLO
Brandy Lipstick Matte

We can’t recall a red carpet look with J-Lo in a deep matte lipstick like Brandy, but we’re sure it would look stunning on her. It’s a fabulous shade to wear as a counterbalance to a cat’s eye with full lashes for nighttime, or it could dress up a nude face for a casual day look.

Speaking of eye makeup, the INGLOT x JLO collection has 25 shades of smoky, shimmering happiness, which are a definite nod to Jennifer’s signature red carpet looks.

The Pure Pigments Eye Shadow is a metallic loose powder that comes in five shades including a shimmering pink called silver dollar and a luminous taupe known as blazing rose. Pure Pigments can be worn with liner for a gentle glow or layered with the matte shadows from the Freedom System.

And if you are wondering what the Freedom System might possibly be about, we assure you that it has nothing to do with political science. But here’s an interesting side note: Inglot Cosmetics was founded in 1983 by a chemist at a drug factory owned by Poland’s communist government before the country’s democratic transition in 1989. As the young democracy flourished, its economy began to expand, and consumer demand for cosmetics skyrocketed. Nearly 40 years later, Inglot is a global franchise with 740 boutiques in 80 countries, and a partnership with J-Lo. Lest we digress. The Freedom System is Inglot’s customizable modular palette concept which lets you choose the colors you want to fill the compact of your choice. If you’ve ever purchased an entire palette just to get one shade, then you understand what the Freedom System is all about.

Inglot x JLO
Pure Pigment Eyeshadow
$25.00 each, macy’

Inglot x JLO
Freedom System Eyeshadow Matte
$10.00 each,

Inglot x JLO
Freedom System Eye Shadow Satin
$10.00 each, macy’

Unlike Fenty, J-Lo’s makeup line does not include any liquid foundations, but there is a pressed powder that comes in a limited range of four tones. Perhaps future iterations of the collection will offer more complexion coverage.

One of the biggest surprises of J-Lo’s beauty collab is the nail polish selection. Her own nail color choices have been unapologetically bold (ummm, her nail tips from the Billboard Awards were decorated with an actual $100 bill).

But the INGLOT x JLO nail lacquers are four nearly indistinguishable shades of a grayish pink.

Inglot x JLO
O2M Breathable Nail Enamel
$20.00 each,

Although the formulation itself is intriguing–it is made of a breathable polymer that allows oxygen and water to pass through it–we’re not sure the neutral tones telegraph the star power we’re looking for. They’re the Gigli in a collection that’s otherwise filled with hits.


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