It’s Winter Coat Time

Elysian’s Guide to Getting Cozy in Style

You probably don’t need a new winter coat. But we don’t blame you for wanting one. What other garment do we wear on a near-daily basis for a approximately three months straight and then banish to the storage closet for half a year, only to pluck it out when the cold winds blow, restarting the cycle ad nauseum? Sure, a quality overcoat will last nearly a lifetime with proper care. But during those cold, gloomy months, isn’t it nice to have something crisp and bright to cloak yourself in? We couldn’t agree more. Silver lining: you can use your old overcoat as a substitute when your new one is at the dry cleaner’s or better yet, donate it to a charitable group in your city (such as,, or that collects warm coats to distribute to those in need.

Faux Furs

There was a time when a plush mink or a fluffy fox fur comprised the chicest and warmest coats on the planet. But a new generation of cruelty-free fashion houses (and a few old school designers who recently crossed into the vegan realm) have produced faux furs that are not only warm and well constructed, but they are fabulously fashion forward. A warm, fuzzy coat that didn’t bring harm to any furry creatures is definitely a win-win. And that makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

1. House of Fluff | Yeti Faux Fur Coat
Cozy? Check. Comfy? Check. Goes with everything from jeans to a party dress? Check.

2. Mary Katrantzou | Stokes Fur Coat
Mary Katrantzou’s black-and-white printed fur is inspired by the modernist art of William Morris, and in our opinion, is a work of art itself.

3. Fuzz Not Fur | Snow Knight Faux Fur Coat
The founder of Fuzz not Fur, Nadja Axarlis worked as a fashion buyer in Europe before launching her own brand, so you could say she knows a thing or two about what women want. And the Knight Faux is definitely on our wish list this winter.

4. Diane von Furstenberg | Faux Fur Jacket
Von Furstenberg’s Fall 2018 collection is a nod to her iconic past as one of the top American designers of the 70s, and this crimson waistcoat is an updated version of a vintage classic.

5. Sonia Rykiel | Belted Faux Fur Coat
Sonia Rykiel married the coziness of (faux) fur with the shapeliness of (vegan) leather into a sculpted silhouette that is as kind to humans as it is to animals.



Designer Norma Kamali was on a camping  trip in the early 1970s when inspiration struck. If quilted down sleeping bags could keep campers warm at night, why not employ a similar format for winter coat design? Norma Kamali’s Sleeping Bag Coat was a fashion blockbuster in the 70s, and recent incarnations of the design continue to be bestsellers on the Kamali roster. And of course, her coat inspired countless other designers to come up with their own version of the now ubiquitous “puffer” which is hotter than ever in 2018.

1. Norma Kamali | Sleeping Bag Shell Coat
It’s colorful, cozy and effortlessly stylish. Norma Kamali’s Sleeping Bag Coat revolutionized cold-weather wear in the 1970s and has been au courant ever since.

2. Moncler & Simone Rocha | Glossy Shell Down Coat
The European outerwear company Moncler began collaborating with some of the world’s hottest designers last year, and the Simone Rocha glossy red shell is one of our absolute favorites.

3. Chloé | Quilted Shell Coat
Chloe is all about chic, comfortable clothes with impeccable style credentials. Case in point: the subtle elegance of this embroidered shell.

4. Roksanda Maera | Oversized Quilted Coat
The Roksanda quilted canvas coat comes to us straight from the Winter 2018-2019 runway in Milan, just in time for the first frost.

5. Prada | Quilted Shell Coat
You know those chilly mornings when you’re loath to get out of bed? Prada’s Quilted Shell is like wearing a duvet as a cloak, but infinitely more stylish.



Winters get rather chilly up in the North Sea, so it’s perfectly understandable why Scottish Tweed is one of the warmest and most durable fabrics on the planet.

1. Vivienne Westwood | Oversized Tweed Coat
Westwood has been drawing inspiration from Scottish Tweed for decades, and she still manages to carve it into exciting forms, like this beautiful double-breasted coat.

2. Pushbutton | Asymmetric Trench Coat
The British design house, Pushbutton is best known for deconstructing and reworking classic forms, and this tweed trench is like nothing we’ve ever seen. Wear it over a wool shift dress to brighten up your winter wardrobe.

3. Acne Studios | Checked Felt Coat
Acne Studios ruled the Winter 2018-19 runway with its vibrant outerwear. This Checked Felt coat is one of our faves.

4. Calvin Klein | Pendleton Wool Coat
Calvin Klein studios partnered with the American heritage company, Pendleton Mills to produce this exquisite fringed wool coat which is a natural match for knee boots and a mini.

5. Khaite | Clara Double-Breasted Coat
The vibrant wool and cashmere checkered coat from Khaite is our favorite way to winterize a pair of jeans.


Classic… With a Twist

A Classic is a design that has survived the test of time and re-emerged on the fashion radar again and again. Classics never go out of style, but sometimes they can be a wicked bore. Unless they’re been put through the reinvention mill by Jil Sander or Balmain. In that case, you’ve got a masterpiece on your hands–or on your back, as it were.

1. Jil Sander | Asymmetric Wool Blend Coat
Asymmetric buttoned seams create shape while plush checked wool hugs your curves.

2. Akris | Terrance Reversible Houndstooth
A cross-body closure and high collar with contrast lining breath new life into Akris’s classic houndstooth.

3. Koche | Paneled Trench
Cotton jersey and twill form the basis for Koche’s unique trench which took the Fall 2018-19 runway by storm.

4. Balmain | Metallic Wool-Blend Tweed
A metallic sheen elevated the Balmain Tweed from staid to spectacular.

5. Gabriela Heart | Checked Gabardine Trench
Hearst melded a wool overcoat with a cotton trench to achieve a surprisingly harmonious–and strikingly elegant design.


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