Jennifer Lopez Brings Down the House at the 2018 VMA’s

Elysian Salutes Her Glittering Style

Nicki Minaj did her thing. Panic! at the Disco rocked the house. Pete and Adriana’s ogling was cute. And it was nice to see Madonna out there, too. But let’s face it, the 2018 VMA’s were all about Jennifer Lopez. The recipient of this year’s Video Vanguard award, J-Lo performed a show-stopping medley of hit songs which she has been accruing for the past 20 years. In her emotional acceptance speech, she thanked her manager (Benny Medina), her mom (Lupe), her twins (Max and Emme), and her beau (A-Rod). She talked about paving her own road as an actress, singer, designer, producer, and entertainer because people told her that she wanted to do too many things, and she should just pick one. She believed in herself until the rest of the world came around to seeing how amazing she is, too. Today, she’s stronger and better than ever.

For your unparalleled discipline, ambition, tenacity and style, we salute you, Jennifer Lopez! None of us are foolish enough to bite your look completely because we know no one could wear it quite like you. But you are a fashion icon, so how could we not be inspired by your glittering style?


Jennifer Lopez’s long-time makeup artist, Scott Barnes (IG @scottbarnes68) knows that she prefers to let her natural beauty shine through, with some subtle enhancements.

Thick lashes like 16S from the Inglot x JLO line are the focal point of her beauty look. A dramatically contoured cheek in Color 70 from the Inglot Freedom System Blush, is an important part of the J-Lo glow. A nude lip such as Flor is Jennifer’s go-to when she wants to look polished but not overdone. Barnes put a subtle sheen in Copper and Pink Satin on Lopez’s eyelids. And her skin is flawlessly luminous in Inglot cream foundation.

1. Inglot Eyelashes | $13 | 
2. Inglot Freedom System Blush | $11 |
3. Inglot YSM Foundation | $20 |
4. Inglot x JLO Lipstick | $19 |
5. Inglot x JLO Freedom System Eyeshadow | $10 |


Red Carpet Look

We know that Lopez was wearing a metallic Versace gown on the red carpet. But since it is not readily available in stores, we recommend Roland Mouret’s Grecian chiffon gown. It is regal and alluring at the same time.

Roland Mouret | Silvabella Gown | $4,165 |



During her performance, Lopez went through a few different outfits that all used a strappy metallic bodysuit by Versace as a base. Nope, it’s not exactly the kind of thing you’re going to find at the mall (and it’s not something you can wear to the mall either). But we think this cool Oseree swimsuit is in the same spirit, but a lot more versatile.

J-Lo’s Liberace-style floor-length white fur is a showstopper for sure, but it isn’t exactly the kind of thing you want dragging behind you on the streets of New York (or any metropolitan area for that matter). But we think this Piper Rabbit Wing Collar coat from Pologeorgis gets the job done nicely.

We don’t know if these Gucci harem pants are as easy to dance in as the ones J-Lo wore, but that’s ok because we don’t plan to dance like her anytime soon.

1. Pologeorgis | Piper Rabbit Coat | $2,000 |
2. Oséree | Lumiére Swimsuit | $285 |
3. Gucci | Cropped Harem Pants | $1,980 |


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