Kick off Triple Crown Season With Equestrian Themed Accessories

Decorate your house or bulk up your closet with these equine accents.

Dust off your fascinator, pull your parasol out of the closet, and put on your frilliest dress. It’s Triple Crown Season, y’all! It starts with the Kentucky Derby on the first Saturday in May, followed by Preakness on the third Saturday, and the Belmont Stakes three weeks later. When it’s all over, some will have won big, some will have lost, and everyone will know which three-year-old thoroughbred is the fastest beast on four legs.

Thoroughbred racing in America goes back a long way – the Kentucky Derby was first run in 1875 – and racing culture, among both spectators and participants, is steeped in tradition. At Churchill Downs, where the Derby takes place, the festivities are kicked off by the University of Louisville Marching Band’s rendition of “My Old Kentucky Home.” The Drink of the day is the Mint Julep; spectators’ hats are big and colorful; and the winning horse is covered in a blanket of roses.

But even if you’ve never entered Churchill Downs or sipped on a Mint Julep, you may find it hard resist the classic style of equestrian-themed accessories. Afterall, riding boots are always in style (even among non-riders), and the universal symbol of good luck is a horseshoe. Since time immemorial, horses have signified the power and majesty of nature bridled by mankind’s ingenuity. Horses are the crux of human civilization.

To kick off Triple Crown season, we’ve selected our favorite horse-themed items. Whether you’re a dedicated equestrian or an outside enthusiast, we hope they bring you luck!

Laborde Giddy Up Wristlet

The Pinto Ranch is a Texan shop that specializes in clothes, accessories and housewares that honor the heritage of the American West. The hair-on-hide leather wristlet is handmade in the USA, and comes in five vibrant colors. It’s big enough for a cellphone, lipstick and keys, and small enough to wear on your wrist during a carefree day at the race track.


Waterford Rearing Horse

Throughout history, the image of a horse has symbolized many different things. In ancient Celtic culture, it stood for war and strength. To the Chinese, the horse signified success in business and personal triumph. In some Native American tribes, horses symbolized freedom of the spirit. The crystal horse from Waterford, rendered with luminous detail, sits five inches high, and when placed on a desk or a bookshelf, serves as a reminder of the horse’s power throughout civilization.


American West Horse Head Ring

The silver horse’s head ring from American West is a statement piece that’s bound to bring you luck. Rendered in sterling silver, it is elegant enough for a night on the town, and durable enough for a day spent baling hay.


JLA Home Madison Park Horse Decor

Beautifully rendered in iron with a cement base, the horse head from Madison Park sits 16 inches high, and is striking enough to sit alone on a bookcase or solid enough to serve as a bookend.


Chloe Archival Embroidery Velvet Jacket

A blazer has always been the classiest way to complete an outfit. Embroidered with golden horses, inspired by an archival print, this Chloé blazer is a surefire way of looking the part of a uber sophisticated equine lover.



JLA Home Madison Park Horse Bookends

Sculpted in ceramics and glazed with a black metallic finish, the 2-part horse bookend set comes with a front and rear portion. Atop a credenza or a desk, they make a charming addition to an office or home decor.


Pacific Coast Running Horse’s Table Lamp

This gorgeous lamp from Pacific Coast features a pair of stallions gallop above a wooden base beneath a linen shade. It’s an elegant way to pay homage to the mighty horse and add equestrian style to your home. The running stallion motif is also available as a floor lamp.


Elizabeth Locke Intaglio Pendant

Keep your love for horses close to the heart from with this individually designed and handcrafted Venetian glass pendant from Elizabeth Locke. Set in 19-karat gold, this gorgeous piece gives the illusion of a heirloom while remaining infinitely stylish.


L’Objet Goldplated Napkin Ring

You can host the perfect brunch to precede an equestrian viewing party with these gold-plated horse napkin rings from L’Objet. Each skillfully detailed, you can impress your guests with your devotion to the equine arts.


Melissa & Doug Horse Toys

Horses have always loomed large in the imaginations of children. They are like dinosaurs that have come to life, unfathomably powerful animals that have somehow been trained to wear a saddle and take directions from a rider. Children know that when they’re around the stables, safety comes first. They must always be mindful to not crowd a horse’s hind legs, and should always approach an animal with respect. The Horse Family and Stable from Melissa and Doug is a joyful way for children to enter the world of horses, and there’s no risk of stepping in manure.

Horse Family, $24.99,
Stable, $99.99,

Ralph Lauren Horse Pendant

A delicately carved horse in the middle of a starburst gives equestrianism the glory it deserves. This Ralph Lauren pendant offers a stately addition to any jewelry box and is simple and polished enough for everyday wear.



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