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Wine Tasting With Jan Zakin

Jan and Jon Zakin gave a tour of the wonderful Brasswood Winery in Napa Valley, California, and gave us a tasting of their Zakin cult wines.


  • Napa Valley is made up of a variety of different regions ready for anyone to visit. You can explore all of its regions on your wine trip and stroll through the vineyards, get to know the various winemakers, and drink award-winning Napa Valley wine while enjoying breathtaking views.

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  • Are you looking for techie attractions and things to do south of Napa Valley? Plan a visit to Silicon Valley, the birthplace of the Silicon transistor. Home to the tech giant Apple and the so called “Main Campus” of social media network, Facebook, make time to see off-the-beaten-path landmarks and the funky museums the area boasts.

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