Longines: The Equestrian World’s Official Timekeeper

With the Longines World Champion Tour commencing, it’s time to reexamine the timepiece on your wrist.

The Longines World Champion Tour is under way, and it’s making its rounds to 17 cities across 3 continents – Paris, Hamburg, Monaco, Miami Beach and more. Hosting the most prestigious athletes from Olympic competitors to world and continental champions, the 13th season of Longines World Champion Tour brings together the top 30 riders in show jumping disciplines. Offering not only one of the largest prizes of any equestrian competition in the world, the LWCT features some of the most luxe VIP viewing experiences, complete with gourmet foods, multilingual hosts and expert hospitality teams.

The richness of the World Champions Tour only adds to the exceptional reputation of Longines as the first-in-class watchmaker in the world. Longines timepieces are famed for their supreme reliability; since the 1920s, they have received the most awards and recognitions than any other watchmaker. Founded by Auguste Agassiz in 1832, Longines has 186 years of excellence. The Longines winged hourglass logo, registered in 1889, remains the oldest, unchanged trademark still in use. Today, Longines the official timekeeper for a number of international sports championships, including the International Federation of Horseracing Authorities.

The craftsmanship, elegance, style and – most importantly – its reputation for superb timekeeping accuracy is what makes Longines the most reliable and luxurious watch on the market.

ELYSIAN picked our favorite watches from the Swiss masters, Longines, so you can keep perfect time with the races:DolceVita
Red Leather

A subtle square timepiece catches the eye with its red leather strap. Roman numerals and the Longines logo add the classiness and sophistication that a delicate wrist deserves.

$1,250, macys.com

Automatic Presence Black Croc

Black and gold, the ever classic combo that comes together elegantly for any occasion – a night on the town, a day at the office or an afternoon at a matinee. Keep perfect time with this round-faced watch with an alligator leather strap.

$1,175, macys.com

Equestrian Collection
Brown Leather with Buckle

This beautiful wrist watch from the Longines Equestrian Collection is dedicated to the love of horses. With a sapphire crystal watch face, diamond hour markers and a brown leather strap with buckle, it has the same majesty of a well-made saddle.

$3,900, longines.com

La Grande Classique
Diamond White Leather

Small, beautifully-shaped white diamonds encircle the round watch face and sparkle as the timekeeping markers. Beautifully feminine and angelic, this Swiss masterpiece adds an exquisite touch to any outfit.

$3,850, macys.com

Master Collection
Gold-plated & Diamond Accent

When Longines released their Master Collection in 2005, it would become the best-selling emblem of the brand. This Master Collection bracelet watch is plated with 18-carat gold and studded with lovely diamonds as hour markers.

$3,325, macys.com

Filigree Carved Pocket Watch

The pocket watches of the Equestrian Collection celebrate the timeless tradition of equestrianism and affords you perfect track of the seconds of a race with the smaller minute clock. Made of 18-karat pink gold and intricately carved, this is truly a timepiece for the woman who has everything.

$37,000, longines.com

La Grande Classique
Diamond Gold-Tone

Dainty and delicate, this gold-tone watch combines fine Swiss craftsmanship with a mother-of-pearl dial and diamond studs. Shine bright in any outfit from evening gown to professional blazer.

$1,725, macys.com

La Grande Classique
Pink Leather

Ah finally – a timepiece for those who appreciate the feminine things in life. Just in time for Spring, adorn your wrist with this gorgeous pink leather addition to the La Grande Classique collection.

$1,475, macys.com

La Grande Classique
Diamond Accent Bracelet Watch

A darker take on the Longines timepiece, this watch features a black dial and butterfly clasp closure. For those of you ladies who choose a little black number over a sparkling cocktail dress, this is the timepiece for you.

$1,375, macys.com

Equestrian Collection Sunray Silver

Dainty and intricately made, this equestrian addition to the Longines inventory features hand-painted numerals and an elegant pocket watch-type feel.

$1,050, longines.com


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