Model Profile: Call Me Margot

Caitlin Moe started playing the violin at age 4 and spent her teen years playing in string quartets and winning musical competitions. By the time she was 18, she was traveling the world as a professional musician. India. Japan. Russia. Argentina. When the tour ended, she decided to move to New York in search of her next big break. She arrived in the city without knowing a soul and found herself lurking in doorways around the theatre district, violin in hand, telling passersby that she was willing to play for free. “The music scene in New York is very community oriented,” she told ELYSIAN. “There isn’t that whole scarcity thing where someone is afraid you’re going to take their job. People help each other out.”

Before long, Caitlin was the violinist of choice for superstars including Diana Ross, Stevie Wonder and Janet Jackson. And under the stage name “Margot,” she joined with DJ Mia Moretti to form “The Dolls,” a musical duo that has performed everywhere from Paris Fashion Week to the concert halls of Bangkok. In 2014, she launched her solo career as a vocalist and songwriter with the haunting song No One’s Gonna Miss You.

Margot and ELYISIAN Inspiring Woman Jennifer Justice have some big projects in the works that they’ll be announcing over the next few months. But no matter which direction the multi-faceted violinist, singer and songwriter ventures in her career, she is confident having JJ on her side to navigate the terrain and negotiate the contracts. Margot may have been willing to play violin for free when she first arrived in New York, but these days she is commanding what she deserves as a musician. JJ’s raison d’etre is to ensure that a woman is paid her worth, and Margot’s talent is one in a million.


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