Mother’s Day Gifts & Shopping Guide

Celebrate Mom with a Small Indulgence that She Wants – But Would Never Get – For Herself

In 1908, a West Virginian social activist named Anna Jarvis organized the first Mother’s Day in America. Sure, there had been celebrations of Motherhood, going all the way back to the ancient Greeks (with their cult of Cybele), and the Romans (with their Festival of Hilaria). But Jarvis was more interested in honoring her own mother, Ann, who had been a peace activist, caring for wounded soldiers on both sides of the Civil War. Jarvis organized events that furthered her mother’s work, and encouraged others to honor their mothers with handwritten cards and time spent together as a family. Anna Jarvis was so persuasive in her push to legitimize Mother’s Day that in 1914, President Woodrow Wilson signed a proclamation making the second Sunday of May a national holiday for honoring mothers.

Americans immediately embraced Mother’s Day, and pursuant to our nation’s capitalist ideals, the Hallmark Company began to sell Mother’s Day cards, candy makers started packaging special blends for the holiday, and flower vendors marketed bouquets designed to honor mom. Jarvis found the commercialization of Mother’s Day to be an abomination of the original sentiments which inspired her in the first place. She spent the rest of her days—in vain—boycotting the holiday that she founded.

I firmly believe that honoring Mom and spending time together as a family pairs quite nicely with a meticulously selected gift. After all, how many times did Mom sacrifice things she needed for herself to give you something that you wanted? And even though, she always says that she doesn’t want you to go to the trouble of getting her anything fancy, maybe it would be okay to disobey a direct order from mom, just this once. Here are our favorite selections for Mother’s Day gifting:

Breville Nespresso Creatista

Mom’s always talking about the Nespresso machine her best friend has, but she would never splurge on one for herself. But doesn’t she deserve perfect cafe-style coffee every day? Added bonus: you’ll get to partake of the Nespresso whenever you visit.


Coach Legacy Jacquard Edie 31

Mom’s been carrying around the same dilapidated handbag for ages, and she could use something crisp and stylish for spring that is understated enough for everyday use. The Legacy Jacquard Edie 31 from Coach is the perfect shoulder bag. It is stain-resistant and durably constructed, with lots of pockets for the tissues and hand sanitizer and snacks and infinite other accoutrements that mom likes to have available.


Tory Burch Miller Flip Flops

Mom used to have a pair of beautiful handmade sandals that she got on a trip to Athens, but when they broke, she started flip-flopping in the rubber shoes they sell at the drugstore. Of course, she would never buy these exquisite Tory Burch sandals for herself, but that’s the point. She will however, love wearing them.


Nike Free TR8 Training Shoe

Have you noticed that Mom has been wearing the same pair of sneakers since the 1990s? It’s not that she’s always at the gym or running marathons, but she could use a new pair of kicks for her afternoons in the garden or when she’s running around town doing errands. This Nike Free TR8 Training Shoe is as comfortable as Mom’s slippers, but more supportive and infinitely more stylish.


Ugg Scuffette Slipper

Mom does enjoy trudging around the kitchen in her slippers. But her worn out house shoes have nothing on these fluffy Uggs. Just realize that this means she will be going to the mailbox in her slippers, and might even wear her slippers to run an errand here or there. When they’re this comfortable and durable, they’re hard to take off.


J. Crew Vintage Cotton Pajamas

Mom needs a nice pair of PJs to wear when the grandkids stay over. Once she sees this comfy cotton set from J. Crew, she’ll have no objections to banishing her old nightgown to the rag pile.


Anthropologie Agate Cheese Board

To be honest, no one really needs a cheese board made of natural agate stone, but when Mom brings this out of the cupboard every time her friends come over to play cribbage, they’re going to ask her where she got such a beautiful cheese board, and she will never tire of telling them that it came from you.



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