Moves to Bump Your Bum

By Amelia St. James
Photographs by Jay Vaughan

Bumping up your bum has become the latest craze thanks to women like the Kardashians, Jennifer Lopez and Beyoncé, who have paved the way for sculpted derrieres and lean, muscular legs.

Clyde Norris, owner of Clyde’s Fitness in Spartanburg, S.C., shows us four key exercises in order to achieve your strongest ever buns and thighs. These not only target your legs and buttocks, but also your hips, abs and back since you have to focus on using your entire body for stability. By using exercises that target more than one muscle group, you are able to tone and tighten your entire body. Follow these steps to achieve the ultimate J-Lo booty.

Quad-Hip Raise

Begin resting on elbows and knees. Achieve a V-shape by touching feet and spreading knees to shoulder width.

Keeping body stable, lift and swing leg out and stop at a 90-degree angle. Focus this movement on the glutes. Do two sets of 20 for each leg.

Squat reverse leg lifts

Begin with legs shoulder width apart.

Hinge the hip to extend leg back. The upper body may come forward as leg goes back, but shoulders should remain square. Do two sets of 12 for each leg.

Leg squats

Begin with legs shoulder width apart.

Sit back to achieve a seated position. Knees should be directly above toes. When returning to a standing position, squeeze glutes and keep a straight back.

Hip and glute thrust

Start by lying on your back, placing hands at your sides. Put feet together and move them backwards, towards the buttocks until knees form a 45-degree angle.

Repeatedly lift up onto shoulder blades to get hips off the ground. Do two sets of 20.

For added difficulty, extend either leg out while hips remain lifted.

Do two sets of 12 on both legs.


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