Never Get Another Sunburn

The ONE Product Elysian Recommends for Summer Skin Protection

Yep, it’s official, we are midway through summer! We can’t understand why the three months between Memorial Day and Labor Day go by faster than the rest of the year combined. But one thing we can tell you is that all of the sun, sea and sweat that is part and parcel to your seasonal recreation can wreak havoc on your skin. Sunburns, sun spots, dryness, wrinkles, premature aging, enlarged pores, breakouts. Heck, all we wanted were sun-kissed shoulders and we end up with all the things our dermatologist has been warning us about.

So we took our dilemma to the most elegant woman we know, Rhonda Wilkins, Elysian’s Executive Director of Graceful Living. She has remarkably flawless skin, and she is not one to live life indoors. She is always boating, playing tennis, and frolicking on the shores of one island or another. She revealed to us the ONE product she uses to keep her skin protected all summer long: Invisible Zinc.

We were a little skeptical because ummmm, isn’t zinc that crusty stuff that lifeguards put on their noses to keep them from sunburning as they spend their days pulling struggling swimmers from the surf? Rhonda pulled a tube of Invisible Zinc from her purse (she always keeps some on hand) and dapped it on her face. And now we know why they call it INVISIBLE zinc. It rubs right in, no streaking, no crusty residue. Plus it’s free of harmful parabens, mineral oils and PABA, and can be used on face and body for all skin types. And it’s waterproof and sweatproof. Now that our summer skin protection is sorted out, and we’re ready to get back on the tennis court, we’re going to see if Rhonda has any suggestions for improving our backhand.




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