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Staying hydrated has never made you feel so cool.

Hydration is basically Wellness 101, but we struggle with it from time to time. With all those sugary, tasty options out there, water can fall to the wayside. Sometimes, we don’t even realize that the simplest of ailments – like headaches, restlessness and muscle soreness – may be solved by one thing: H2O. Our bodies are mostly comprised of water, so it makes sense that staying hydrated does wonders for it. It helps control body temperature, heart rate and blood pressure. Drinking a lot of water can even help to maintain a healthy metabolism.

Don’t worry: the “eight 8-oz glasses” rule is mostly myth. Experts agree that the amount varies from person to person, but as long as you’re answering the call of nature at least every couple of hours, you’re probably doing fine. It all depends on your body type, lifestyle and eating habits.

No matter what you’re health and wellness goals, drinking more water is a great place to start. ELYSIAN dug up dirt on the best water bottles out there, so you can get hydrated in style.

Coffee & Tea Infusers

Contrary to popular belief, coffee and tea aren’t exactly dehydrating beverages. Compared to sodas (and especially alcohol), tea and coffee actually contain a fair amount of water. The diuretic effect may make you feel thirstier, but it’s not actually depriving your body of goodness. These infuser water bottles from Anthropologie are a great way to cold brew coffee or tea while on the go. And when you’ve got your caffeine fix, you can refill it with fresh, pure H2O.

Jardiniere Infuser Water Bottle, $34,
Tia Infuser Water Bottle, $28,

Gem Bottles

Believe in the power of gems and crystals? Align your chakras with this Wellnes ViA Water Bottle. Made of premium glass with an interchangeable pod containing rose quartz and amethyst, this bottle is said to energize and restructure your water to rival the taste of pure spring water. If purple isn’t really your color, they have gem blends in “Love,” “Balance” and “Beauty.”

Wellness ViA Water Bottle, $78,
Love ViA Water Bottle, $98,
Balance ViA Water Bottle, $98,
Beauty ViA Water Bottle, $120,

Swarovski Crystals

Jewelry for your workout! With more than 500 Swarovski crystals hand-laid into the cap, this S’Well Insulated bottle holds 17 ounces. Love the color? This deep purple is available exclusively from Neiman Marcus. Want more? There’s also a S’well bottle with more than SIX THOUSAND crystals. Show off your sparkle!

S’Well Radiance, $150,
S’Well Brilliance, $1,500,

Fruit Infusers

Similar to the tea-infusing bottles, this bottle from Brimma has a larger basket, allowing you to create delicious fruit flavored water without the added calories. Think fancy Southern brunch. The longer it soaks, the better it tastes, and it can even help to curb sugar cravings. (Our favorite is strawberry and cucumber.)

Brimma Leak Proof Fruit Infuser Water Bottle, $17.97,


This is the ultimate travel or hiking companion. Holding 22oz of water, the bottle can be easily rolled up for easy storage in your bag (or it has a strap that can attach to your wrist). It’s dishwasher safe, has a hygienic anti-germ cover and is guaranteed not to leak when stored. What more could you want?

Nomander Collapsible Water Bottle, $21.95,

Keep it clean! Always, always, always keep your water bottle clean. The S’Well Bottle Brush can help you remove impurities without the hassle.


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