Our Summer Bucket List is All about Having fun.

ELYSIAN’s list of summer goals that’ll make your days in the sun the best of your life.

Successful people set goals: Get promoted to VP. Pay down debt. Purchase a new home. Finish graduate school. Redecorate the living room. You chart a course that’s representative of your larger objectives, and then you get it done. But having fun is just as important. What good is it to Achieve! Achieve! Achieve! If you aren’t having fun along the way? That just leads to burn out which could mean depression, ill health, or just a general sense of malaise. Nope, the summer of 2018 is going to be be unlike any summer before it. This year, you’re going to be serious about having fun. And to make sure of it, you’re going to set goals. Except since they’re fun goals, we’re going to frame them in the context of a bucket list. Summer officially kicks off on Thursday June 21, so get busy already!

Keep a house plant alive.

You know that indoor plants remove toxins from the air, and convert carbon dioxide into oxygen. All that is great, but why can’t you keep one alive for more than a month? You see a cute green, leafy thing in a store window, get stars in your eyes, and no sooner do you arrive home with your new bundle then it starts to wilt. Before too long, it’s brown and calcified. So, what gives? Be mindful of your lighting situation. If you’ve got direct sunlight in your windows, put plants there that are known to flourish in the sun such as cactuses, succulents, geraniums, crotons. If you’re working with shade, then a philodendron, snake plant, spider plant or creeping fig will do quite nicely. Water your plant, but don’t over-water it. Write it into your schedule if you’re afraid you might forget. Before you know it, the green leafies in your house will be flourishing, and your green thumb will become the stuff of legend.

Small Assorted Cacti
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Small Assorted Succulents
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Creeping Fig Plant
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How Not to Kill Your Houseplant:
Survival Tips for the Horticulturally Challenged
by Veronica Peerless
$11.99, amazon.com

Have a picnic.

We don’t know if anyone really does that whole blanket-in-a-field, picnic basket thing, or if it’s just something they do in old movies. But either way, you’ve always dreamed of having a picnic, so you’re gonna have a picnic. Blanket, basket and all. Summon your friends. Fill a picnic basket with fried chicken, lemonade, pickles, potato salad, and fresh fruit. Grab a blanket, and claim your place in the great, open terrain.

Twin Split Picnic Basket, $65, kaufmann-mercantile.com Cotton Arturo Throw, $120, kaufmann-mercantile.com / The Picnic: Recipes & Inspiration from Basket to Blanket, $11.29 amazon.com

Read a book.

Beautiful woman reading book on hammok outdoors

We know, you read lots of books already. You read to your kids. You read cookbooks. You read books when you’re doing research for work. Summer reading is about reading for pleasure. When’s the last time that happened? Break out the reading list you’ve been amassing since 2015: choose a title, find a quiet corner, transport yourself to another time and place in a book.

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Fold origami.

There’s something magical about the ancient Japanese art of paper folding. Crease. Fold. Crease. Look, a paper crane! But for some reason, your crane always looks wrong, and no one’s ever been able to teach you how to make it right.  But the summer of 2018 will be THE year that everything changes, and you become an origami expert. Or at least a respectable novice. And that origami-decorated Christmas tree you’ve always dreamed of? It’s soooo gonna happen.

Mini Origami Kit
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Origami for Beginners
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Bachmore Origami Paper, 500 Sheets
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Make the perfect Moscow mule.

Tangy, aromatic, refreshing, and it comes in those cute copper cups. Moscow Mules are always so delicious when you get one at your favorite watering hole. But you’ve never attempted to make one at home. Until now. The Saloon Box kit comes with everything you need to become a Moscow Mule expert, including those copper cups.

SaloonBox Moscow Mule Gift Box
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Go fly a kite.

There’s something about flying a kite that makes you feel like a kid, even if you’re a full-grown adult. Perhaps it’s because kites don’t have any purpose other than pure enjoyment, and that makes them perfect for a summer bucket list.

Tomi Toys Huge Rainbow Kite
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Take a nap.

It’s not that napping isn’t a viable all-weather activity, but it’s particularly suitable in the heat. When the temperature is so high you can see the steam rising up from the asphalt, your best course of action is to take to your hammock until the sun’s rays elongate, and there is a perceivable breeze in the air.

Natural Outdoor Hammock with Fringe
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Try a crazy, bright lipstick.

Nope, we don’t mean a brighter red or a darker wine. We’re talking CRAZY colors. Blue. Green. Gray. Black. Ya know, FUN!

Anatasia Beverly Hills Matte Lipstick
Midnight · Cobalt · Mint Turquoise · Smoke
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Play a few games.

Group of people playing dominoes

There’s something rejuvenating about doing something just for no other reason than pure enjoyment. Whether it’s flying a kite, reading a novel, or playing games. The outdoor Twister blanket is perfect for picnics, and backgammon and dominoes are ideal card-table-on-the-sidewalk activities.

Giant Safari Dominoes
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Fleece Twister Picnic Blanket
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Backgammon & Checkers
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