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Show your equine friend some love with our horse care checklist

The bond between a woman and her horse is one that is not easily broken. (Who didn’t absolutely pine for a pony best friend as a little girl?) Since the horse was domesticated more than 4,000 years ago, humans and horses have had a special bond. They are associated with loyalty and heroism, keeping with a sense of duty to carry one another. Some studies even suggest that the electromagnetic field from the horse’s (much larger-than-human) heart can have a positive effect on your own heart rhythm. The coherent heart pattern of horses is said to exude peace and can help soothe the effects of stress. Pretty nifty, huh?

Whether you breed, train or simply love your horses, it’s important to have your supplies stacked and ready to go. Whether you’re looking to replace some heavily-worn supplies or just starting your equine journey, check out our checklist of horse care essentials from Equestrian Essentials.



Equestrian experts agree – using a sweat scraper made from softer materials is ultimately better than using a metal model which can irritate the skin. Make sure your equine friend is comfortable by using this soft rubber sponge or this Oster scraper with added length to allow you to easily remove water and sweat from the mane.

No Sweat Rubber Sponge Sweat Scraper, $4.02
Oster Sweat Scraper, $6.00


Ditch your traditional curry comb for the Handson Groom Gloves. While you gently cleanse away dirt and stains, the soft nodules give your horse a comforting massage. Because of its design, it will not slip off when wet and soapy, and it’s flexible enough to handle your other tools without removing them. Best of all, it protects your hands from manure and other less desirable substances during a bath.

Handson Groom Gloves, $24.99


This is an extra accessory to really make your life easier. This brush dispenses shampoo as you scrub, allowing you to easily remove stubborn dirt or coat stains. We like this Mane n Tail shampoo for everyday use, or if you’re doing a full-body glow-up, we’re in love with this Gallop Color Enhancing shampoo (with no dyes added).

Equi-Essentials Scrubber & Dispenser, $5.95
Gallop Color Enhancing Shampoo, $13.95
Mane n Tail Horse Shampoo, $20.50


One of the most frustrating things about horse grooming is finding reliable and durable tools. Don’t settle for cheap plastic brushes that need to be replaced biweekly. No matter how tangled your horse’s mane or tail, this brush can take a beating.

Oster Mane & Tail Brush, $10.40


Cleaning your horse’s hooves can be a tedious process, so it’s best to have a hoof pick with an attached brush to quickly eradicate extra dirt caught in the crevices. This model features a gel handle for your comfort and is available in three fun colors. Fieblings Hoof Dressing can also be used to reduce brittleness, splits and helps to maintain healthy feet and appearance.

Roma Gel Hoof Pick, $6.39
Fieblings Hoof Dressing, $10.58


Infused with apricot oil, this leave-in conditioner from Knotty Horse is loaded with omega vitamins, increasing the shine and strength of your horse’s hair. It reduces breakage and split ends, all the while helping to relax the hair and detangle. Safe for sensitive skin, they also have a finishing spray to make your horse’s coat really shine.

Recon Leave-In Conditioner, $29.95
Highlighting Coat Shine, $24.99


Sometimes, it’s best just to have everything all together so you can take it on-the-go. This kit has everything you need to groom your horse in one stylish bag. It also makes a great gift for the horse lover in your family.

Rambo by Horseware Newmarket Groom Kit, $54.95


Horse sheets, blankets and coolers can serve a variety of functions to keep your horse comfortable in different climates and physical conditions. We picked some of our favorites from Equestrian Collections so you can show your horse some extra love.


The Welltex fabric of this mesh sheet uses your horse’s natural body warmth to create a soothing temperature. It won’t overheat your horse but packs enough heat to cause sweating that loosen and relieve sore muscles and increases blood circulation. It is also a handy dandy item to have in store for the colder months of the year when your horse may need a little extra warmth. As an added bonus, it’s machine washable and will not lose its effectiveness even after coming out of the dryer.

Back on Track Therapeutic Mesh Sheet, $199.00


Irish knit is specifically woven to allow for air circulation and quicker drying times for your horses after a bath or a workout. Help your equine friend avoid getting a chill by using this Centaur Irish Knit Sheet, designed to prevent chafing or rubbing.

Centaur Irish Knit Sheet, $59.80


The top-rated fly sheet from Equestrian Collections, the Rambo Protector is made of a stronger – yet softer – material than the traditional fly sheet and features a detachable hood. Lightweight and breathable, the Rambo Protector even shields your horse from harmful UV rays.

Rambo Protector, $169.95


Magnetic blankets and wraps can help to increase blood flow, especially in horses with sore or inflamed muscles. With 32 neodymium magnets, the Veredus Magnetik Therapy Rug produces 2,400 Gauss to promote healing. This is a great natural, drug-free option to explore when treating minor muscle soreness.

Veredus Magnetik Therapy Rug, $599.95


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