Refining the Space: How to Make Your Home Look Elegant

As homeowners, there is a lot we strive for within our space. We want it clean, organized, and free from clutter. We strive for relaxing spaces, comfortable nooks, and a home with fluid transitions from room to room. But how do we do that in the best way? How do we create that refined yet relaxing aesthetic that magazines so easily capture?

While we want that, it’s important to note that every home and every homeowner is different. Where a design might look elegant to one person, it may seem too stiff to another. Where one person might think the tasteful splash of color portrays an inkling of art and passion, that looks might appear too boastful to another. Below you’ll find some of our tips on how to make your home look elegant. These are general notes that you can take and transform to fit your home’s personal style, but generally speaking, following these tips will lead your home on the path to true elegance—in whatever form that may take for you.

Spend Time With Your Color Scheme

When you look at those magazines, one of the first things you’ll notice about the designed space is the color on the walls. Again, personal preference tends to dictate what particular people deem classy, but typically it comes in neutral notes. Easy whites and soft browns encourage a soft yet respectable atmosphere.

When you’ve decided on your base color for the space, then you need to create a color scheme to tie everything together. If you’re going with a soft white for the walls, then choose two to three other colors to complement. Bring these color choices down to the smallest detail for ultimate elegance.

Get Particular About Lighting Fixtures

Lighting is such an important aspect of making your home look elegant, but we often forget about it. Follow tips on how to choose the right lighting fixture for your space, and then actually follow through with it! Make sure you don’t pair the fixtures with harsh light. Give the space multiple lighting routes—a soft lighting, full lighting, and accent lighting. It will make a huge difference in the overall elegance of your space. Here are a few of our favorite options:

  • Pendant Lighting
  • Chandeliers
  • Wall-Mount Lighting
  • A mixture of the above!

Play With Texture Around the Space

Texture is another small component of home design that a lot of people lose sight of. Elegance doesn’t mean a lack of texture or creativity; rather, it advocates using texture tastefully and smartly. We’re not saying that you should use every texture under the sun within one space. Instead, use these textures to enhance your space. Fuzzy pillows bring more life to a living room, and a textured rug brings dimension to a hardwood floor. Play with it, and see how a bit of texture can refine your space.

Pay Attention to The Details

Our last tip is a general note for elegant home design—bring your ideas down to the details. If you’re honing in on texture, don’t just leave it at the rug. Bring texture into the little design aspects, like wrapping some jute fabric around the candles on the table. Bring your color scheme into all the small design choices you make. The little details end up making a big impact on elegance!


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