Salt-inspired dishes from Mark Bitterman

In the Winter 2017-18 issue, ELYSIAN chatted with Mark Bitterman, the world’s first selmellier of salt and coiner of the term, to discuss his discovery and devotion of the ancient mineral, SALT.

Bitterman and his wife, Jennifer own and operate The Meadow, an online and retail store, specializing in salt, chocolate and cocktail ingredients. The Meadow is the perfect spot to find a perfect and unique gift for the chef in your life. Or if you’re a business owner looking for an exciting gourmet product, visit Bitterman Salt Co. to buy wholesale for retail, restaurants or food manufacture. As one of the largest importers and distributers of salt blocks, there should be no shortage of quality ingredients.

As an author of four cookbooks about salt pairings and salt block cooking techniques, he takes his salt seriously. Bitterman joined ELYSIAN once again to lend some knowledge about cooking with salt.

Check out a few of his recipes below and cook to impress!

Recipes and introductions have been republished with permission. 


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