Seven Fall Trends You’re Going to Love

Elysian’s guide to naughty knits, posh denim, casual sequins and kinky boots

One of the good things about summer winding down is that we get to think about fashion again. Not just skimpy hot-weather clothes, but genuine style options. This fall, the tempestuous romance between streetwear and high fashion rages on, and it benefits us all. Things get interesting when fashion rules are broken and the boundaries of creativity are pushed further and further into the great beyond.

Knits Like You’ve Never Seen Them
Computer programmable looms and the pliability of high-tech fabrics have been a boon for knitwear. This fall, we’re seeing lots of new cuts and silhouettes, and we have a feeling that things are just heating up.

$890 |

We are hard-pressed to think of a more ideal silhouette for those in between days in late summer/early fall.

$1,290 |

With a slash of the sleeve, Monse took the traditional wool Fair Isle and made it supercool.

$490 |

Any old sweater can keep you warm, but Carven’s textured knit with intricate swirls of color will keep you warm in style.

$3,275 |

Rich in color and texture, each Alanui piece contains 980 grams of pure cashmere, and takes five hours to knit, and six hours to assemble. They call it a cardigan, but we call it an objet’art.

$745 |

Sweaters aren’t generally known for being figure-flattering, but this Cushnie et Ochs design — with its cold shoulder and mesh waist panel — contours the body like no sweater we’ve ever seen.




Tulle, Tulle Everywhere
It’s floaty and feminine and has been known to shown up everywhere from wedding gowns to birthday decorations. This season, the delicate mesh known as tulle took over the runway.

$3,395 |

It’s a coat, it’s a dress, it’s anything you want it to be because Molly Goddard, the reigning Queen of Tulle (and darling of the British fashion scene) knows how to dress for a good time. That’s why Rihanna and Beyonce love her, and so do we.

$1,797 |

When you really want to WOW them, this Monique Lhuillier number is the one.

$350 |

Sarah Staudinger managed to make layers of tulle into a figure-flattering form. We don’t know how she did it, but we’re all in.

$275 |

If you think you can’t wear tulle because you’re not a princess dress kind of girl, then allow us to introduce you the skirt-with-sneakers version of tulle. You’re welcome.

$3,300 |

Givenchy’s tulle mini is sweet and sexy rolled into one.



Casual Sequins
Since time immemorial, sequins have been over-the-top glamminators endemic to evening wear and mother-of-the-bride ensembles. But now your sneakers and t-shirts have something to look forward to: sequins all day, every day.

$965 |

Yup, we know, the last time you bought an overcoat, it was in a versatile neutral like black of khaki. But now the sequin has arrived to set you free from the mundane. Go with it.

$525 |

Silver, coral and black sequins form a magical sheen like a mermaid’s tail. Pair it with sandals and a black blouse, and you’ll be golden on land or sea.

$1,970 |

A boxy, bright striped sequin jacket from Ashish is akin to sunshine on a cloudy day.

$225 |

Remember when we told you about “sequins all day, every day?” This is what we were referring to.

$375 |

Another one for the skirt-with-sneakers set.


Denim Goes Posh
Denim began its life as an inexpensive fabric used to make durable attire for laborers. That was a long, long time ago. Denim conquered pop culture in the 50s, ruled swinging London in the 60s, was the uniform of the subculture in the 70s, and helped rip down the Iron Curtain in the 80s. Nowadays, denim is more posh than ever, turning up in the form of dresses, flowy skirts and blazers.

$2,990 |

They say that God is in the details. To be more specific (in the case of the Akris blazer), God is in the exquisite tailoring, contrast-white stitching and zipped cuffs. Amen.

$560 |

Paper London is a darling of the British Fashion Council and this dress succinctly explains why.

$425 |

What do the big city fashionista and the small town bohemian have in common? Not much until now. But the Elizabeth and James Leila skirt is something they can both agree on.

$580 |

Like chocolate and peanut butter, the denim and cashmere blend in this Victoria Beckham shirt takes two good things and makes them sublime.

$1,720 |

With a corset-inspired silhouette and a-line frame, this McQueen dress takes denim from boxy to body-con.



Invasion of the Scarlet Knight
Red and black have always looked good together. This season, they’re pairing up more than ever before in fabulous new looks from your favorite designers.

$3,490 |

We’re pretty sure there are no leopards in the wild with spots like this. But Tom Ford’s designs have always had the magical ability to improve on what’s natural.

$810 |

Tartan and georgette make beautiful music together in this knockout midi skirt from Simone Rocha’s Fall ‘18 collection.

$740 |

Koche’s red and black color blocking in French Terry brinks skater chic to the runway.

$690 |

Matteo Mars says that his designs are inspired by architecture, and we think these shoes are perfect for a Brick House (aka beautiful woman of marvelous proportions from the old disco song by the Commodores.)

$139 |

These McQueen cat eye glasses hit the right mark between edgy and elegant.


New Boots
This fall’s crop of eclectic footwear silhouettes will have you going right from your flip-flops to your boots. And we don’t blame you one bit.

$980 |

Pair these beauties with a mini or cropped jeans so you can show off their unique silhouette.

$1,265 |

Your mini skirts will be 1000 times cooler when you wear them with these Proenza Schouler Thigh-highs.

$1,995 |

McQueens Hobnail boots live at the intersection of punk and feminine. It’s up to you whether to wear them to punk up a feminine outfit or make a punk ensemble more ladylike.

$570 |

Inspired by the chic female spy in Tina Barney’s book “Players,” these ankle boots make a serious statement, which could be problematic for a woman whose livelihood requires her to blend in.

$435 |

Have you ever noticed that each season, there is one pair of shoes that you end up wearing again and again because they’re comfortable, stylish, and work with almost every outfit? Here is your shoe for fall 2018.


Colorful Stripes
What’s not to love about stripes? They’re cheerful and slimming, and give the eye something do without being too busy.

Stripes in bold candy colors are particularly hot this fall: Sonia Rykiel adorned a camera bag with them, and Alice + Olivia decorated a clutch with them. And then there’s this cute rainbow stripe hat from Acne Studios.

1. Sonia Rykiel Striped Camera Bag | $190 |
2. Alice + Olivia Shirley Clutch | $495 |
3. Acne Studios Rainbow Hat | $130 |

$1,790 |

The Burberry striped blazer is a surefire way to dress up denim.

$1,135 |

The colorful Rokh blazer packs a punch so be sure to pair it with a neutral backdrop.

$1,135 |

The colorful Rokh blazer packs a punch so be sure to pair it with a neutral backdrop.

$350 |

If you take pure happiness and weave it into a garment, we’re pretty sure it would look exactly like this Acne Studios sweater.

$368 |

The stripes going every which way make it look like you’re floating when you walk.


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