She Should Run: Mission for Office

Nonprofit encourages women to run for elected office en mass

Running errands? Women are way past that. How about running for elected office?

Next year, we celebrate the centennial anniversary of the 19th Amendment, which granted women the right to vote nationwide. The progress women have made on the political stage since then has been astronomical. In recent news, 131 women elected to serve in the 116th United States Congress, and that is not something to overlook— but progress needs to be an unceasing movement.

Founded in 2011 by former educator and political advisor Erin Loos Cutraro, She Should Run is dedicated to continuing the momentum forward for women in the political sphere, because women need not only to have a say in politics, but to be the one to say it.

She Should Run partnered with Barbie to inspire young women. (Photographer Rafael Ortega; Stylist Susan Kurtz)

The mission of She Should Run is “to expand the talent pool of women running for office in the United States,” by organizing a number of programs such:  Ask A Woman to Run, an online platform that allows anyone to nominate a female candidate for office in their area; the She Should Run Incubator, which offers online education in public service; and Barbie and the Parent Course, a partnership with BarbieⓇ to create dolls of political figures that would inspire the next generation. The organization also sponsored the ‘Road to Run’ convention last November. All of the programs are intended to provide tools for women to uncover and accordingly fine-tune the qualities they possess so that they might be inspired to seek a position in an elected office.

The disparity that currently exists between the number of women in elected positions compared to men, according to She Should Run, is a not consequence of lacking capability but lacking encouragement. To resolve this systematic flaw, She Should Run works to create a community of women supporting women. As this network expands, more women will be equipped to promote the exploration of possibilities within the realm of running for elected office.

By focusing on “cultivating leadership, building networks, fostering communication and finding pathways,” She Should Run is well on its way to instill aplomb within women across the country; the nonprofit is also well-positioned to achieve its goal to inspire 250,000 women to run for local, state and federal offices by 2030.


Visit their website to learn more.



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