Star and Huck are Ready to Take On the World as This Year’s Official Mascots of the World Equestrian Games!

These adorable mini horses love the crowd, love the camera and – most of all – love each other!

Star and Huck are going to be the real showstoppers this year as the 2018 World Equestrian Games mascots. Also the official darlings of managing partners Mark and Katherine Bellissimo, these miniature horses come from humble beginnings, but through pure charm and personality, they have won their way into the hearts of everyone they meet.

Star and Huck’s calendar for WEG is absolutely bursting with appearances, and their future as social media influencers seems to be a sure thing. They love to interact with people – so come out to Tryon, N.C. this September to pet, take pictures and even go home with some Star and Huck plush toys! (Plus we’re sure they’ll show off their penchant for fashion!)

Let’s learn a little bit more about this big-hearted minis:

Age 3

The name Star is perfect for this pony! He loves to be the center of attention and loves starting chaos around the paddock. He’s infinitely curious – he absolutely has to know what’s in that bucket you’re holding, and he got a bit pouty when he wasn’t allowed to swim in the pool at the White Party in Wellington, Florida. Boo!

Fun Fact:  Star will eat anything – treats, hay, apples, edible, inedible, whatever!

Age 5

Don’t tell Star, but Huck sometimes prefers peace and quiet. When not being chased around by his little brother, he likes to choose a prime spot for pasture – and sometimes spends the whole day there! Sleepy mini, he loves naps and is always waiting for some love!

Fun Fact: Huck hates to run–even when there are treats, he only saunters!

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