Stocking Up: The Ultimate Stocking Stuffers for 2020

With the holiday season right around the corner, it’s time to start stocking up: what gifts will you use to stuff those stockings this year? Though the holiday celebrations may look a little different in 2020, there are still plenty of great, smaller gift options available for the stockings, whether they’re filled by hand or from a distance.

Stocking Up with ELYSIAN

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From beauty products to technology accessories, there are so many gifts to pick from that stockings are bound to overflow. And yes, I did steal a majority of these ideas from gifts my mom has bought me over the years. What can I say, my stocking was always full of great treats!


A great go-to for stocking up your stockings is jewelry. While small, jewelry is a gorgeous and sentimental gift that’s perfect for every stocking. It’s not too difficult to find a number of timeless jewelry pieces that will make your loved one smile. Our favorite items are simple gold pieces that are small enough to fit in whatever stocking you choose.

Blue Light glasses

The second item on our Stocking Up list is the quintessential 2020 gift. With work from home being the new normal, constantly staring at a computer screen means that by the end of every day, your eyes are tired and your vision is fuzzy. That’s why blue light glasses are the perfect new accessory to gift this holiday season. No matter whose stocking you are filling, they are bound to make use of this trendy and practical stocking stuffer.

Lip Products

Next up, let’s talk about Laneige. Their lip sleeping mask is one of the best beauty products I own, and it’s truly the only reason my lips survive the Chicago winters. It’s the perfect size to slip into a stocking, and from my experience, it will last whoever receives it all year long. Their glowy lip balm is essential, whether you’re going out and want a subtle glossy look or if you just need a little extra moisture during day-to-day activities. These products are great gifts to stock up on for the wintertime; my personal favorites are the mask in original berry flavor and the balm in grapefruit.

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There are also plenty of other fabulous lip products on the market such as the Fresh tinted lip treatments or the Bobbi Brown lip tints. Stocking up is easy with these two options, they’re perfect for your friends who like more subtle beauty. Both are high quality lip tints and give you just enough color for a stunning everyday look. What’s more, both are super moisturizing so your lips won’t suffer from a little extra tint.

Hair Treatment

Another beauty trend that will make a perfect stocking stuffer this year are hair masks, especially this cult favorite from Olaplex. At only 3.3oz, this treatment is just small enough to fit into any stocking. It’s made to work with every hair type, so no matter who you choose to gift it to, they’re sure to be grateful for the extra self-care.



Silk Products

Keeping with the theme of hair care, silk pillowcases and hair ties have become super popular recently and make lovely little gifts. Silk products are known to have a variety of benefits not only for your hair, but for your skin as well. Silk scrunchies have quickly infiltrated the market due to their anti-tugging properties. Traditional hair ties can pull on hair, causing breakage, while silk scrunchies are gentle and won’t damage your luscious mane. Many companies also make silk pillowcases that are supposed to hold in your skin’s moisture and products as well as decrease friction to prevent your skin from sagging or wrinkling.

Face masks

And now, the most typical stocking stuffer of 2020: face masks. With the pandemic still raging, folks are stocking up on as many masks as they can get their hands on. Now that stores have started to carry stylish masks, they are practically a daily accessory – cute and a life-saver! These masks from Nordstrom come in super trendy patterns and colors that work with any outfit – a perfect stocking stuffer.


A high-quality speaker is a foolproof gift for whoever’s stocking you need to fill. This Bose speaker is small but mighty and is the perfect size and value combination for a versatile stocking stuffer option. Not only is it uber powerful and easy to use, it is also waterproof, so you can give it to your clumsiest friends and family members without blinking an eye.

Perfume/cologne sampler

An elegant gift for people of all ages and genders is a perfume or cologne sampler set. Places like Sephora have a bunch of options to choose from that come with miniature versions of popular perfumes and colognes so the receiver is bound to find something they like. With sets that can include scents from just one brand or from multiple, stocking up has never been easier. These are a great option for a stocking stuffer that is guaranteed to please – the miniature fragrances will provide a number of options for your friend or family member to find their new signature scent.

Phone case

Last on the list is a stocking stuffer that you can choose whether or not to personalize. With brands like Wildflower and CASETiFY becoming popular among younger generations, a phone case is the perfect gift for your friend or family member who wants to make a statement with their technology. CASETiFY allows you to add a personal touch to the gift by adding a name or initials to the case. You can pick from a variety of patterns and colors to cater to whoever’s personal style you’re gifting it to.


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Written by Claire Kuwana


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