Sunglasses Trends for 2018

This year’s sun-shading accessories are all about throwbacks to the past, using innovation to bring them to the present and the future.

Ah, sunglasses, the quintessential symbol of “cool.” Framing your face with a cool pair of shades is the choicest way to express your personality and your mood without ever speaking a word. Like all fashionable accessories, the styles can change from season to season, and we are loving the distinctively nostalgic vibe of the 2018 trends.

Fads that have time-traveled from seemingly every decade to land on the runway this season: colored lenses and rimless frames remind us of the 90s; the early 00s are back with oversized lenses; wire-framed rounds call upon John Lennon’s old signature; and cat-eye frames remind us of the 50s and 60s.

Get ready to soak up the sun with ELYSIAN’s picks for the latest sunglasses to come off the runway. Just because it’s blazing outside doesn’t mean you can’t look as cool as a cucumber.

Ray Ban Polarized Aviator Mirrored Sunglasses

Forever the classic, Ray Ban aviators have been a staple in the sunglasses game for years. These marry the brightness of pink and the standoffishness of mirrors in the lenses. Avoid conversation when commuting to work or traversing a busy city street – without looking totally unapproachable.


Fendi Polarized
Rimless Shield Glasses

Fendi knocks it out of the water with these shield shades. It combines (or perhaps establishes) the latest trends – embellishments, flat tops and partially absent frames. Imagine rocking a pair of these with a chic black swimsuit: uber sporty and sleek.


Gucci Angry Cat Round Sunglasses

Eat your heart out, John Lennon. Gucci’s round sunglasses combine a fierce tiger hologram and simple, dainty frames. As soon as you slip these on, these imported shades leave you looking and feeling ferocious.


Moschino Slim Cat Eye Sunglasses

Popularized by absolute bombshells like Elizabeth Taylor and Audrey Hepburn, these cateye sunglasses give that retro touch to any outfit. The simple studded decorations add just the perfect touch of detail to be completely fabulous. (They also have an oversized version if you’re not down with these slim designs.)


Dolce & Gabbana Cat Eye Sunglasses

Go bold with these babies from Dolce & Gabbana. The uber-feminine vibe of these patterned frames, paired with a subtle cateye shape and pink lenses leave you ready for a poolside brunch with the girls or a stroll through the botanical gardens.


Chloé Poppy Love Heart Sunglasses

Flirty and fun, heart-shaped lenses have made their way out of the toy box and into the collections of our favorite designers. These pink-lensed heart frames by Chloé are sure to showcase your playful side as you browse the boutiques or take an afternoon lunch date.


Miu Miu Stone-Trim Round Sunglasses

Simplicity meets sophistication with these plain Miu Miu designs. Classy and feminine, the intricate stone adornments elevate these above your run-of-the-mill round specs.


Dior Square Sunglasses with Removable Visor

If these don’t scream “celebrity,” then I don’t know what does. While yellow lenses (a staple from Christian Dior this season) can be risky, these trendsetting shield shades will prove your propensity for accessorizing. The removable visor lets you decide how in-your-face your style will be.


Michael Kors Grayton Sunglasses

Wire frames, brown lenses, flat top – these masterpieces by Michael Kors are an amalgamation of the 2018 style, but they are definitely sure to maintain their timeless aesthetic even after years have passed.


Versace Rock Icons Medusa Sunglasses

Sometimes, it’s the simplest accessories can make all the difference in your outfit and your attitude. These Versace rimless shields merges the classic aviator silhouette and the sportiness of a shield shade, punctuated perfectly by shining Medusa logos.


Balenciaga Slim Retro Sunglasses

This season has been all about retro, retro, retro. These slim shades from Balenciaga are reminiscent of the early sci-fi vision of the futuristic 2000s and rock stars from all ages.


Calvin Klein Flattop Sunglasses with Metal Nose Bridge

These flat tops from Calvin Klein are the epitome of “cool.” Modern sophistication has always been a cornerstone of Calvin Klein, and these shades are unapologetically sleek and daring.



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