That 70s Style

ELYSIAN examines one of the most influential decades in fashion – and in everything else.

Tom Wolfe once called the 70s the “Me Decade.” Although wrought with wars and politics, the 70s brought us a vibrant counterculture. Women were liberated. The LGBTQ commnunity was embracing an atmosphere of acceptance. Teenagers and young adults alike were challenging the status quo. From hippie to glamour to disco, the rules of fashion went out the window. (Oh, and you can thank the free spirits for making blue jeans a staple of the American wardrobe.)

1970s fashion embodied a beatnik attitude that screams “go with the flow!” Dressing for one’s personality and passions was the new norm – and it revolutionized the fashion industry just as in other areas of life. Incarnations of 70s style crop up on the runways every couple of seasons, and 2018 is no exception. By incorporating a 70s flair into your everyday wardrobe, you can show off your charm even in a more modern outfit.

Everyday Look

One of the most iconic silhouettes of the 1970s is the “tight on top, wide on the bottom” look. Think wide leg trousers and a fitted ribbed shirt (stripes and patterns were especially popular). Pair that with some clunky velvet heels and a chic pair of round shades, and you’ll like you came straight out of 1973.

Topshop Wide Leg Cropped Jeans, $75, ・ Rag & Bone Katie Striped Cropped Tee, $325, ・ Dolce & Gabbana Round Sunglasses, $590, ・ Balenciaga Classic City Graffiti Satchel, $2,300, ・ Prada Velvet Platform Sandal, $850,


Sunday Dinner

While the microwave revolutionized the way that dinner was prepared, the 70s were definitely a time when families unequivocally dined together – and made it a rite of passage for one’s significant other. Best to dress (more) conservatively by wearing a loose blouse under your uber-short mini and keep your go-gos below the knee.

Giorgio Armani Stand-Collar Jersey Dress, $1,875, ・ Giambattista Valli Printed Blouse, $1,098, ・ Mignonne Gavigan Mini Madeline Earrings, $125, ・ Gucci Linea Totem Shoulder Bag, $1,980, ・ Christian Louboutin Adox Leather Block-Heels, $945,


Working Woman

By the 1970s, women everywhere were getting sick of gender roles and certain familial expectations. More and more women were getting out of the house and into the office. A nice gingham mini dress with flared sleeves, paired with a jeweled choker and round handbag will bring you straight to the top of the corporate ladder.

Alice + Olivia Thym Check Tunic Dress, $395, ・ Fallon Leather Wrap Choker, $295, ・ Michael Kors Circle Canteen Crossbody, $158, ・ Prada Satin Crisscross Platforms, $790,


Weekend Road Trip

The 70s would not have been the 70s without a heightened sense of freedom – and bell-bottoms, of course. With the decade being all about folk-inspired attire (and piling into a van with your friends), pair the decade’s signature jeans with a fringe vest and some funky platform sandals.

Blumarine Fringe Leather Vest, $2,780, ・ PE Nation Code Breaker Tank, $100, ・ Gucci Embroidered Flared Jeans, $1,980, ・ Anthropologie Moira Wood Paneled Tote, $118, ・ Christian Louboutin Janitag Printed Sandal, $645,


Disco Dancing

The disco music scene was the inspiration for an entire fashion craze all its own. The first wrap dress was designed by Diane von Furstenberg in 1972, and its flattering shape soon became the go-to choice for a night of dancing. And the ultra-tall white boots with thick heels are perfect for spending the night on your feet.

Sidney Garber Teardrop Hoops, $3,700, ・ Cult Gaia Becca Rattan Cuff, $90, ・ Sole Society Tasseled Raffia Clutch, $54.95, ・ Salvatore Ferragamo Sestola High Boots, $1,393, ・ Diane von Furstenberg Floral-Print Wrap Dress, $350,


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