The 7 Essential Functions of Wellness

By Martha Wiedemann

When we speak of attaining wellness, we consider 7 essential functions of the mind, body and spirit. Our 5 sense organs act as receptors to what we consume from the world around us. There is an intelligence within us which has the power to decide what we consume. Everything we eat, drink, inhale listen to, watch and touch has the potential to become a part of us in some capacity. In delivering wellness, we understand that an individual’s choice with consumption is the first step to wellness. We aim to assist the functions of digestion, elimination, absorption, circulation, movement and rest.

  1. Consumption – Relating to everything which enters the system via the sense organs

We are often unaware of what we are allowing into our system which inadvertently influences our choices. The world we live in bombards us with images and post-hypnotic suggestions to directly influence our choices. What seems like light entertainment may be interfering with and steering our fundamental wishes. How then do we find our true voice and identity? Well, we can start by pushing the ‘pause button.’ Taking the time needed to question our choices, reducing the clutter and noise, pacing ourselves on individual tasking rather than multitasking, working on making redundant ‘habitual living’, moving away from a life of artificial stimuli, giving ourselves the space and silence to redefine our choices and ultimately following our own truth are just a few ways to find our true voice. Healthy consumption requires living in consciousness.

  1. Digestion – To breakdown and decipher what has been consumed

A healthy digestive function is essential for us to understand and breakdown what enters the system whether it be food or information.

  1. Elimination – The process of discarding what is unwanted

The system’s intelligence decides what and how to remove what it does not need.

  1. Absorption – The method to integrate what should be retained

The system’s intelligence decides what and how to keep what it can use for energy and development.

  1. Circulation – The distribution within the system

The system’s intelligence on how and where it will distribute nutrients and energy.

  1. Movement –To generate energy and assimilate with the environment

The individual’s ability to use its mental, physical and emotional energy to experience life.

  1. Rest – The ability of the mind and body to rest from its functions

The mind and body require regular and adequate rest for it to be revived. It is essential to all the natural functions of the system.

In the mission to attain wellness, we should look and understand how we function as a whole being. It is important to add that we are mind, body and spirit and keeping this in balance on how we operate as a being is true to our creation. Living in consciousness can help us to decide how our unique creation can impact this world.


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